1. wizton

    Iniquity 1.1

    Gametype Download Here --------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome To INIQUITY A Solo Puzzle and Parkour Map by wizton Can You Escape? --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Iniquity is a relatively small, but very...
  2. Real_Quickk

    RUL Mountain

    Welcome to RUL Mountain! This is a a map that requires parkour to complete some of the puzzles. There is running, jumping, shooting, and driving is this awesome adventure. Watch out for One-eyed Bocephus Jones, he will have his revenge! _____________________________________________________ To...
  3. Real_Quickk

    Metal and Ash: Co Op Map

    Welcome to Metal and Ash: Co Op Map! This will test your teamwork skills as well as your own personal ability. There are over 10 unique puzzles that cause the players to problem solve through cooperation. There needs to be one Red Player and one Blue Player, nothing more and nothing less...
  4. Real_Quickk

    Galathea Station

    Back story: Galathea Station was ordered to return home. You were put into cryosleep for the long journey back. After waking up early, you discover the crew has gone missing, but something is still watching you. You realize the only way to get home now is to take the Pelican. Escape Galathea...
  5. Real_Quickk

    Spooky Towers

    Spooky Towers is an extremely fun map that puts your parkour skills to the test! This was inspired by mirrors edge. See if you can get to the top of the tower! (You will need to crouch in mid air to get higher on some jumps) ***Be sure to select the strongholds game type before picking this...
  6. Lost Pinecone

    Shipwreck on Skull Isle

    A Squid Loaf and DEATH WEAPONxx present: Shipwrecked on Skull Isle Description: A fun, user-friendly puzzle map that will appeal to newcomers and seasoned sleuths alike. Gather supplies for survival and uncover secrets in this grand adventure for 1-3 players. Will you survive long enough to...
  7. Lost Pinecone

    The Temple of Secrets

    From the depths of an ancient temple, a priceless artifact calls out, daring you to find it. The artifact has many names, in many languages, but it is most commonly known as: The Whale of Victory. Explore the temple: and solve puzzle after puzzle: Map Info: Name: The Temple...
  8. Lost Pinecone

    Dr Tim's Spider Invasion

    STORY- After returning to his own universe at the end of Part 2, Dr. Tim is tired from a hard day's work, and ready to go home. However, upon leaving the facility: Dr. Tim soon discovers that spiders from the other universe have invaded his own: Now it's up to Dr. Tim to save the world...
  9. Lost Pinecone

    Looking for something different to add to your custom games? Check out this puzzle map(video inside)

    Name: Dr. Tim's Time Machine GT: A Squid Loaf Check out the forgehub map post to learn more and for a guide using spoiler tags so you can just look at the section you need help with. The guide also features hints if you only want to get pointed in the right direction. Link...
  10. Ticky

    Puzzles in Halo 5

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on this site :) some of you may remember me, most may not. Anyway, I've been considering picking up a Halo machine just to get back into forge and more specifically Puzzle forging. I feel like the new forge will be very helpful in making amazing...
  11. Lost Pinecone

    Dr. Tim's New Universe

    STORY- After building the mysterious device from Part 1, Dr. Tim (and friends) are transported to a new universe created by the machine. Unfortunately, shortly after arriving the device broke: Now Dr. Tim (and friends) must figure out how to escape this bizarre place and return to his...
  12. Lost Pinecone

    Dr. Tim's Time Machine

    STORY- Time travel is old news to the brilliant scientist Dr. Tim, he's moved on to his next project, this thing: Unfortunately, a future version of himself has dismantled the device and hidden it's 3 parts. And to make matters worse, Future Dr. Tim also hid the keys to the cabinet where...
  13. Lost Pinecone

    The Lost Mine

    GT: A Squid Loaf The Lost Mine is a very challenging maze that will test your sanity. Only the most determined of explorers will escape to see the light of day. USE GAMETYPE: LOST MINE MODE. Bonus Challenge: Find all 10 crystals: Extra Bonus Challenge: Find the Secret Room.
  14. iKampfer

    Amazing Maze

    It is what it is, a maze. You spawn at Olive the Pig and have to find Timmy the Whale at the end of the maze. There are no traps, the maze doesn't change while you're in it, and it is not impossible to solve. It's just a giant maze. Enjoy!