1. Madirate

    Gaming Pokemon Breeding and Trading Room

    THIS THREAD WILL BE USED TO HOUSE BREEDING, POKEMON TRADING, AND DISCUSSIONS, NOTHING ELSE Rules: Don't trade "hackmons" in here. 6iv shiny legendaries are forbidden from being traded here. If anyone decides to scam anyone here I'll add a blacklist in this thread just for them. Clones are...
  2. Madirate

    Gaming Pokemon Moveset Workshop

    This thread will be used to house current generation competitive pokemon movesets, Nothing else! What to do: Please try to keep multiple movesets for one pokemon within one post per person, so we don't have a cluttered thread. If you are sharing an uncommon or unique moveset you found from...
  3. Madirate

    Gaming Pokemon Master News Thread

    This thread will be updated with Pokemon related news, events, etc. Feel free to discuss anything (That is safe for work) pokemon related. (Example)the UK distribution for Darkrai has been confirmed to run at GAME from May 1st through May 24th via a serial code. In addition to that, in Germany...