1. S

    Introduction Sup pals

    Hey guys... Long time halo fan. Used to play Halo on the original xbox online through pc pass through and stuff. Im excited to get into it again on pc. ONCE MORE INTO THE FRAY!
  2. SuperFlight89

    Introduction I'm here to take up space

    Hi, I'm SuperFlight89 and thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm here to waste your time to introduce myself. Fun facts: I have a youtube channel (SuperFlight89), First Halo game was CE, and my favorite games are the legendary trilogy (CE, 2, and 3). I'll be hosting custom games...
  3. MalarkyLad

    Introduction Glad to be here

    Hey, I've been a fan of the franchise and its numerous multiplayer incarnations for several years now, but I'm fairly new to Halo 5. Outside of Warzone I've only played in the kill-based game modes, but I enjoy Objective modes as well. I'm an aspiring forger whose just looking for custom games...
  4. R

    Introduction Hello!

    What's up people I'm new here and was looking to have some fun in custom games. If you need more players just message me my gamertag is ReVoLTxCAMO.