monster trucks

  1. xDangles25x

    H3 Icy Trucks 2021-04-21

    Another new monster trucks map on the newest Halo 3 map, Waterfall. Unfortunately the map does not have Warthogs due to 343 but it's still a lot of fun with ghosts and mongeese.
  2. xDangles25x

    H3 Sky Trucks 2021-04-20

    New monster trucks map in the skybox of sandbox with 4 unique platforms all connected together. Fun is sure to be had on this one!
  3. R

    Lava pit V2

    Fight it out in warthogs on the sides of this volcanic pit but be careful not to fall into the fire below. GT: RBG RAMPANT AI
  4. R

    Colour Pit V2

    A colourful push off pit. Get in your warthog and fight it out to be the last alive on this rainbow coloured death pit map. GT: RBG RAMPANT AI