introduce yourself

  1. F

    Hello I have just joined

    Hello my name Foxdragon and I have just joined this community. I have been an avid halo fan since halo first came out on the original xbox. hope to get to you all and play with you. My xbox gamertag is Kitsunedragon96 if you want to add me
  2. Morphemec

    Introduction Hello!

    Names Morph. I'm from southern US, and I'm 24. Gamertag is; RainbowShyy and I don't really play Xbox at all, just glad that Halo is slowly coming to PC now. I'm usually otherwise playing MMO's like Black Desert, or Final Fantasy XIV
  3. Giovanni-13n

    Introduction Introduce myself

    My name is Giovanni and I'm from Canada Gamer Tag is GIOVANNI 13n I like to play Halo 5 My favorite color is red
  4. S

    Introduction Heyoo

    Sloapmonkey123 16 male Love any custom game. I just wanna play. Only on weekend doe
  5. creepiestdog457

    Introduction New to Customs

    I am brand new to customs. My gamertag is creepiestdog457 I play Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Master Chief Collection, and Halo 5. I can't get this message at the top of the screen to go away so hopefully this helps.
  6. R

    Introduction Had to "Intoduce myself" to make that message go away

    Anyway, my gamertag is RJANO. That's about it, thanks for taking the time to read this if you did.