1. X

    Introduction HARD CORE HALO FANS UNITE!!!!

    Hello my name is cameron miller. I am a halo player. All of us are here because we remember the good days of halo 1 2 and especially 3! the haters of halo depopularized what halo 3 forge mode did for the world of gaming. all of these years 343/microsoft have been doing nothing but non stop...
  2. Slothy82

    Standard Toilet

    Hey Forgers and Slayers this is x sl0th x or Slothy for short. Today I am bringing a Halo 5 forge custom map feature Toilet. This map was created by me with loads of suggestions from my Spartan Company buddies at Iforge-https://goo.gl/GBXWnJ. The map was created by first doing one of my rock...
  3. GuiltySpark

    UNSC Training

    A training/warm up map for all halo 5 multiplayer. Use this for your disposal in perfecting your shot and working together with your team. Map Layout There are 4 rooms in this training map -Home Room (Green Team) -Core Room (Red and Blue Team) -Gun Range (Green Team) -Parkour Room (Yellow...
  4. GuiltySpark

    Slenderman: Oakside Park

    THIS IS NOT AN INFECTION MAP, THIS IS A WORKING SLENDERMAN GAME Slender: Oakside Park is a custom game I have been working on for a long time but is finally finished. It is based on the game Slender: The Arrival and is a really fun game for as little as 2 players to 9 players. Please give this...
  5. Foxy Papa Smurf

    Standard Station 7

    After weeks of tedious forging and testing, the first Terminal remake with working trains is now available in my fileshare. Named after the location of Liwitoni Station from the original map, Station 7 is an exact 1:1 remake. The objective departures from the original were kept to a minimal to...
  6. M

    2v2 Slayer map ready for download!

    PROCESS is a symmetrical 2v2 slayer map. PROCESS is fast-paced and exciting. The gameplay is technical and competitive. Power positions shift with movement so even skilled teams will need to stay focused from start to finish. And its a lot of fun! To download: GT- Seems Dangerous Map- PROCESS...
  7. ChewyNutCluster


    Hello, everyone! I'm back with my second Halo 5 minigame: Reaper! Map name: Reaper Gametype name: Reaper The objective of this horror themed minigame is simple: One red player controls the reaper, a spooky hazard suit with some scripting goodness, and the rest of the players (all on blue team)...
  8. x teddypain x


    You'll spawn next to a warthog, hop in it, and drop into the center. Keep your speed going and knock players into the center. The more players the more fun, best of 5 rounds. One person per team. GT: x TeddyPain x Download from my file share
  9. F

    Introduction They Call Me G$tring! I'm HOSTING Custom Halo 5 games for anyone!

    I'm HOSTING Custom Halo 5 games for anyone! Gamertag: FreeJay GString