1. Madirate

    HaloCustoms' Guide to finding players

    Ever since Halo 4 we've always been getting website traffic from new members that are looking for people to play custom games with and have turned away from this website due to a lack of players, my goal for this post is to give new members a "cheat sheet" of where to find people to play custom...
  2. A

    Standard Tramline

    Waypoint File Browser Link I named this map Tramline for the obvious theme of the map, but also because the word happens to be an anagram of "Terminal" which I thought was pretty cool. My goal with this remake was to get as close as possible to a 1:1 recreation, both with the geometry and...
  3. Giovanni-13n

    Standard Crossguard

    Crossguard is a reimagining of the Halo 2 map Sanctuary and takes influence from the Reach/ MCC versions.
  4. Foxy Papa Smurf

    Standard Station 7

    After weeks of tedious forging and testing, the first Terminal remake with working trains is now available in my fileshare. Named after the location of Liwitoni Station from the original map, Station 7 is an exact 1:1 remake. The objective departures from the original were kept to a minimal to...