halo infinite irtv

  1. I

    Halo ar poke for Bullet magnetism video 1

    This is the pokes i used in my video for why bullet magnetism is a bad term.
  2. S

    [HELP] Halo Infinite Runtime not working

    Hello all. i've been trying to have a play around with this for a while but with no success. I have Infinite Running & click load on the tag viewer but is says can't find HaloInfinte.exe I have NET.6 V6.0.6 (Have tried many versions) have tried it with windows store & xbox game pass for pc...
  3. OpulentHal0

    Hunter Cannon 001

    *MUST CREDIT IF USED FOR VIDEOS* Credit Links to be put in Description: Mod Author: Opulent - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsvHKgesFznYqtqPC8_6MSg Mod Link: (Use the URL) Gameplay Video: This can only be used where hunters spawn (Northern Island or Myriad Spawn if they're not killed yet)...
  4. J

    Unlimited Ability Usage 1.0

    Simple poke file for unlimited ability usage regardless of upgrade level. LOAD into campaign LOAD and POKE file Spam abilities to your heart's content. This is mainly for those that have not collected the Bandana skull yet and those that want to add-on unlimited abilities to existing poke...