1. J

    Can i Download..

    Hey guys, very new here. Was just wondering if i can download custom games to my xbox for master chief collection? Please let me know. Thank you.
  2. W

    Join Customs Community

    Looking for active Halo players to join my new club on Xbox called Customs Community. Only 3 members so far because this club was created yesterday and I just started advertising it. Join to build a Fireteam, Forge, and play custom games with chill players. Age requirement 18.
  3. Gamster556

    Introduction Halo 5 Custom Games YouTuber

    Hey There! I'm Gamster556! I started making YouTube videos for almost 2 years now! I made almost every type of video that's out there! I made commentaries, discussions, Minecraft Let's plays, vlogs, etc... However, My friends told me how much they liked my Halo custom games videos! (these videos...
  4. llexcorp

    Introduction Master of Fake

    Halli hoooo! Im the legendary ilexcorp, the creator of Scarabgun Myth in Halo 3 and Reach. I love Halo like my own unborn child! Halo 3 is the best Halo ever in my opinion, would like to play some Halo 3 like custom games in Halo 5. Peace out Spartans - Lex (Gamertag "LLEXCORP")
  5. F

    Introduction They Call Me G$tring! I'm HOSTING Custom Halo 5 games for anyone!

    I'm HOSTING Custom Halo 5 games for anyone! Gamertag: FreeJay GString