1. J

    Can i Download..

    Hey guys, very new here. Was just wondering if i can download custom games to my xbox for master chief collection? Please let me know. Thank you.
  2. W

    Join Customs Community

    Looking for active Halo players to join my new club on Xbox called Customs Community. Only 3 members so far because this club was created yesterday and I just started advertising it. Join to build a Fireteam, Forge, and play custom games with chill players. Age requirement 18.
  3. Gamster556

    Introduction Halo 5 Custom Games YouTuber

    Hey There! I'm Gamster556! I started making YouTube videos for almost 2 years now! I made almost every type of video that's out there! I made commentaries, discussions, Minecraft Let's plays, vlogs, etc... However, My friends told me how much they liked my Halo custom games videos! (these videos...
  4. A

    Introduction Hosting Halo 5 Custom Games 2/2/16

    bla bla bla
  5. llexcorp

    Introduction Master of Fake

    Halli hoooo! Im the legendary ilexcorp, the creator of Scarabgun Myth in Halo 3 and Reach. I love Halo like my own unborn child! Halo 3 is the best Halo ever in my opinion, would like to play some Halo 3 like custom games in Halo 5. Peace out Spartans - Lex (Gamertag "LLEXCORP")
  6. F

    Introduction They Call Me G$tring! I'm HOSTING Custom Halo 5 games for anyone!

    I'm HOSTING Custom Halo 5 games for anyone! Gamertag: FreeJay GString