1. Ultima*

    H3 Fort Drive 2020-10-01

    Welcome to Fort Drive! One of the first of hopefully many new Foundry Racetracks made with the new and improved Halo 3 Forge! Features smooth swirls, cool indoor parts, and sick jumps! Dirty racing is acceptable and even encouraged! This track was made with Dirty Racing Nights in mind. The...
  2. Faulk Smash

    H3 Teacher on Classroom

  3. Psychoduck

    Foundry Remake!

    Hello everyone, Most of us remember the old days, the days when there were no fancy-shmancy coordinates. We had two crates, two crates and a barrel for a whole platoon! And we had to share the barrel! Back in these days, maps needed moar interl0x, and making even the simplest map was a struggle...