1. xDangles25x

    H2A Mt. Lelsuvius 2020-12-28

    Mt. Lelsuvius Map Creator: xDangles25x Map Name: Mt. Lelsuvius Map: Awash Gametype: Demotracks An epic demotrack around two volcanos! Both volcanos have killballs launching out of them, some on to the track. Multiple blocking sections with unique shortcuts! For those interested in learning...
  2. xDangles25x

    H2A Oceanside Demo 2020-12-28

    Oceanside Demo Map Creator: xDangles25x Map Name: Oceanside Demo Map: Awash Gametype: Demotracks A unique demotrack on an island with multiple blocking spots and shortcuts. Map has a shooting pirate ship and shark. For those interested in learning more about demo racing please feel free to...