1. Tedium

    Q&A Dax - Your Questions Answered

    Dax In this Daxiest edition of the Halo Customs Staff Q&A, we've interviewed The Dax, a staff member whose Halo Customs origins have lead up to the exciting news of his recent upgrade to the admin position. You have asked your questions, and he has answered them. Well, as many as is...
  2. Tedium

    Q&A Dax's Q&A - Ask Your Questions Here

    Dax In this edition of Halo Customs Staff Q&A, we're featuring a young fellow named Dax. I'm sure you've heard of him. He recently became an Admin! Which is awesome. Mmhm. Awesome. So be careful what you ask, everyone. If you scare him, he might accidentally delete the website. I know I have a...
  3. Tedium

    Hail, O Honorable Oranges

    A while ago, I shouted out about the arrival of our newest Staff member, Nondual! It was a big deal. Good times were had. Everyone laughed. Well as it turns out, our busy, busy Community Manager and lovable tyrant Insane54 has been hard at work. "Ohhhh..." you may be thinking, "I know what...