1. Tedium

    A shotgun blast of St. Patrick's day giveaways!

    Top of the mornin', everyone! Hope you're having a lovely St. Patrick's day so far, but if not, we at Halo Customs have a few awesome surprises for you. Faith and Begorrah, this is going to be fun :D We've got 20 free armor codes to give away in this site-widely celebrated holiday, but we're...
  2. Lights

    FREE 20,000 EXP!!!

    -Ya mean it, no foolin', Mister?! -Well, sure I do, sport! What good's a man's word if his word.. isn't right.. or lies... or- SHUTUP I TRIED A BIT. I DID A BIT AND IT DIDN'T WORK AND NOW WE'RE JUST GOING TO MOVE ON. OKAY? Okay. Navigate to Waypoint. Under the Career tab, click Classified...