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    Join Customs Community

    Looking for active Halo players to join my new club on Xbox called Customs Community. Only 3 members so far because this club was created yesterday and I just started advertising it. Join to build a Fireteam, Forge, and play custom games with chill players. Age requirement 18.
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    Introduction Hello, I am Pure Energy cx

    I am the leader of the Force Of Exile Clan, We are a Private Military Company with around 50 members, We fight at the top of the United Powers of Armed Forces Coalition, We fight for Justice in the community. CONTACTS: XBOX- Pure Energy cx KIK- ShantEnergy Youtube- The Force of Exile
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    Halo Spartan Companies... What's the deal?

    So, as has become rather common of late, this afternoon I switched on my xbox, started up Halo 5, and I was greeted by a message. Today's message is/was about something I haven't previously seen or heard anything about: Spartan Companies. Now I'm too lazy to research for myself so I thought it...