1. ChewyNutCluster

    Bouncy House

    Hello, everyone! Most people don't know this, but when I was a little girl, I always asked my parents for a pink princess inflatable bouncy house to be set up every birthday and they never rented one for me. That constant denial of my request left a lingering hole in my heart that I just had...
  2. ChewyNutCluster


    Hello, everyone! I'm back with my second Halo 5 minigame: Reaper! Map name: Reaper Gametype name: Reaper The objective of this horror themed minigame is simple: One red player controls the reaper, a spooky hazard suit with some scripting goodness, and the rest of the players (all on blue team)...
  3. ChewyNutCluster

    Turf War

    Hello, Halo Customs! I'm back with my very first Halo 5 minigame! I've probably put more work into this map than any other I've created, so here it is: Map: Turf War Gametype: Turf War Objective: This minigame is based in the Neutral Flag gametype and is team based (Red vs Blue). Many have...