castle wars

  1. King Ventura

    Runescape Castle Wars

    Underground tunnels(red side) Underground tunnels(blue side) Middle: Stepping stones: Red base: Blue base: Catapult: GT: King Ventura Map: Runescape CastleWars 1.0 Gametype: Runescape CastleWars 1.0 This is my first halo 5 map. best with 16 players since the map is huge, added x4...
  2. iKampfer

    Castle Wars

    Both teams spawn with Energy Swords and have to run into the enemy castle and be able to grab the flag and bring it back to their castle. There are 2 mongooses, 1 Gravity Hammer, and 2 Plasma Grenades in each castle as well as a Man Cannon at the very top of each castle, you can use them to get...