capture the flag

  1. Hojnackii

    Colossus 2017-05-08

    Gametypes: Capture The Flag, Slayer, Free-For-All (max 6 players) Players: Minimun 2 to 8 Maximum Power-Ups: Camouflage (2 Min) Weapons: 2 Weapon Pad (Standard Rocket Launcher) & ( Standard Sniper Rifle) 3 min x2 Battle Rifle (Standard) (40 Seconds) x2 Light Rifle (Standard)(40 Seconds) x2...

    SERENITY 1.0

    too lazy to describe anything.... just play and give me feedback ;)
  3. CHa0s

    Standard Monolith

    Remake of Monolith from Halo 4. Set up with Capture the Flag, Assault, Strongholds and of course Slayer. Also has initial spawns for Multi-Team. My gamertag is AddiCt3d 2CHa0s (the "0" is a zero) Download link...
  4. MrBamble

    Standard Hornet's Nest

    H o r n e t ' s N e s t by MrBamble "Hidden deep within Mount Kilimanjaro, this forgotten stronghold awakens memories of an age long past. 12-16 players." Homage to a Classic As this map takes inspiration from Halo 3's Rat's Nest, it feels like a long forgotten blanket from your...
  5. RPAL

    Standard Cavalcade

    ----> WALK-THROUGH VIDEO <---- ---> Album with more Pictures <---- --> Gameplay <-- Want to DOWNLOAD Cavalcade? Check the Download Section at the bottom of this page! Map Description: Cavalcade is a symmetrical arena map designed around the core Capture the Flag gametype. My goal with this map...
  6. iKampfer

    Castle Wars

    Both teams spawn with Energy Swords and have to run into the enemy castle and be able to grab the flag and bring it back to their castle. There are 2 mongooses, 1 Gravity Hammer, and 2 Plasma Grenades in each castle as well as a Man Cannon at the very top of each castle, you can use them to get...