btb slayer

  1. Erydhil

    Standard BTB Autumn Valley 2016-09-04

    Autumn valley is a symetrical assassin, ctf and stronghold map. It takes place in a forerunner world inspired by the aesthetic structures of Halo 3 and 4. The aesthetic out of the map is asymetric, the two main bases got a balcony by which you have two great different views. On the red/orange...
  2. Glocknade87

    Standard Plateau

    File Browser Link Video Walkthrough Hello all, this is my first proper forge of H5 and will also be my first submission to this site. Plateau is a 12-16 player asymmetrical BTB map the supports both Strongholds and Slayer. This map still requires play testing to find any kinks in spawning...
  3. S

    Standard Zahruine

    Forrunner type structure. Ideal for big team game varients. Its infinitry based with a mantis on each side but dont worry since there is plenty of cover and routes to take to counter the mantis. Has gone through many iterations and should be complete. May need a few game test plays to make sure...