1. Roughsta

    Trun!! (2.0)

    Trun!! for your live! Updates & Changes Are Highlighted Like This Author's Gamertag: Roughsta Size: 2-16 Player (8 Recommended) Red, Blue, Yellow & Green Teams of up to 4 players. Game Mode Name: Trun!! Click Here To Download The Game Mode This is a Tron-bike inspired mini-game. It also...
  2. Melted Univers3

    Standard Atomic Metropolis

    GAMER TAG: Melted Universe MAP NAME: Atomic Metropolis This map is just my take on Nuketown from COD. It has not been played on cuz I don't have enough friends that play HALO 5 to test it out properly. Weapons: 2 - grav hammers 2 - shotguns 2 - battle rifles 2 - assault rifles 4 - frag...
  3. Psychoduck

    News Community Breakout Playlist is Live!

    Through the end of the January ranking season in Halo 5 (about two weeks), the first Community Forge playlist is available in Halo 5 matchmaking. This first playlist features Breakout maps created by some familiar names. Starting on January 28th, you'll have the opportunity to vote for your...
  4. A

    Standard Shadowrun (Digsite)

    Digsite was a map within the 2007 Xbox 360 game known as Shadowrun. Digsite is a complete recreation that upholds the gameplay flow that made the original so unique back in 2007. Vertical gameplay is the definition of this map, in the dragon room you'll realize that right off the bat as this...
  5. F


    Instant classic breakout map, designed to be perfectly mirrored.
  6. kuibitd

    Introduction New member!

    Hi! I prefer to go by display name here, and my gamertag is I_Redacted_I. I play Halo 5 and tend to play either Warzone or Breakout. Outside of Halo, I like to code. I live in the USA for anyone who wants to play with me. Just remember, I only want to play with people who have mics.