1. GuiltySpark

    Brute Force 3.0

    "let’s see what kind of galaxy we woke up too" Halo Wars 2 Big Team Battle Map by OracleGamerx (previously ARC GuiltySpark) Map Link Current Update Gamemodes -Heavy Slayer Link One of the most loved Halo 4 multiplayer modes, Heavies has returned in Halo 5 Guardians. Battle an 8 player...
  2. Lost Pinecone

    Standard Blizzard Battle

    This is a unique map for a unique player setup. 2v2v2 is what the map was designed for but free-for-all, or larger teams such as 4v4v4 are possible. The map is essentially a construction site that has been, and continues to be, ravaged by a blizzard. The map's weather make it hard to see in...