1. CHa0s

    Headhunter Classic on HH Tranquility 2020-07-20

    Headhunter Classic is a true-to-the original remake of the gametype found in Halo: Reach. Co-scripted by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s and Yumudas Beegbut, this version is installed on CHa0s' Ghost in the Shell map contest submission. Features exploding skulls on kills, and roaming score hills that show you...
  2. CHa0s

    Vigilance 1.0

    Competitive, Promethean-themed 4v4 core map. Set up for all core gametypes. Each base has a simple scripted "A.I.". Coming soon: KotH. Beyond wanting to create a solid, quality competitive map, my main focus was an exercise in creating a super clean aesthetic.
  3. CHa0s

    Lawless Tranquility 2020-07-20

    I designed this asymmetrically symmetric map from the ground up shortly after the Ghost in the Shell Forge competition was announced. It was designed as a competitive map, with Ghost in the Shell inspired aesthetics. It is an abandoned inner city shopping district courtyard, with a cityscape off...
  4. salsasandro

    Playroom Wooden Toys 2019-07-13

    A Mario Kart 8 inspired Racetrack Race through a Kid's chamber 24 Points to win and finish the Race. (3 Laps) Teleports Players in a Dead Zone and let them respawn to last Checkpoints should they dismount Vehicles. There are many scripts: 8 Checkpoints (uses Ducain23`s Race Script /...
  5. Squally DaBeanz

    UNSC Charon Class Frigate 2017-06-01

    I decided to build an actual size Charon Class frigate in forge. There are invisible blocks above the ship as "anchor points" that can be used to manipulate the ship one section at a time. This is to avoid the shifting that happens when too many objects are grouped together.
  6. Chronmeister

    Deluxe 1.0

    Deluxe Players: 6-10 Gametypes: Slayer, Strongholds, FFA Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Brute Plasma Rifle, Covenant Carbine, Battle Rifle, Halo 1 Pistol, SMG, 2 Splinters, 2 Plasmas, 2 Frags Powerups: Overshield Deluxe is a larger size 4v4 map set on a Modern Tropical...
  7. Erydhil

    The lesser Ark 2016-09-04

    This is an aesthetic reproduction of the lesser ark from Halo 3 and soon from Halo Wars 2.
  8. CHa0s

    Standard Inspire 2016-05-26

    Inspire is a Halo 5 Forge map that features a moving ship along three gondolas. Specially made for the custom gametype Moving Stronghold, this map was inspired by a Halo 4 campaign level and plays similarly with that gametype. Inspire is also set up for Assault and Capture the Flag, and has...
  9. JonFelixOssim

    Standard 742 Evergreen Terrace

    A replica of the simpsons house that you can play on! Compatible with slayer, strongholds, and infection Slayer at 17:51 Strongholds at 1:19:58 Waypoint link...
  10. Superior Forger

    General Hux's Cinema

    General Hux's Cinema General Hux's Cinema is an aesthetic based map for a scene in Star Wars 7. This is for montage use mainly or just for looks. Somebody sought me out and I agreed to do make this map for the Halo 5 Aiges Clan. Keep in mind I am not in a clan or ever want to be in another...
  11. Tedium

    More Shmeefs!

    Everyone loves these little guys! If you haven't heard of Shmeefs already, you're missing out. The Halo Forge Epidemic showcases another shiny example of shiny Shmeefiness.