1. Subject 00000

    Sandtuary 1.3

    A Long lost forerunner training temple getting taken back by harsh sandstorms ,and natural fauna native to the deserts of barakesh. This map plays like Halo 2 Sanctuary mixed with Halo 5's map Truth. There's 3 power weapons 2 snipers ,and 1 shotgun. The reason behind this map was all about how...
  2. P

    Standard Acolyte 1.5

    Acolyte started out as an attempt to create a sequel to Priestess, an older map of mine. I borrowed some of the architecture style and color palette from that map, with a totally new layout. I imagined it as another temple built by followers of the same religion, hence the name. The map is...
  3. Subject 00000

    Shade's Fringe (Map Pack: Exodus - Part 3) 1.0

    This forgotten temple is now the base of the Saints' Leader Shade Telavar ,and the Angels plan to rid the Saints' of their leader to keep them unorganized.
  4. RPAL

    Standard Cavalcade

    ----> WALK-THROUGH VIDEO <---- ---> Album with more Pictures <---- --> Gameplay <-- Want to DOWNLOAD Cavalcade? Check the Download Section at the bottom of this page! Map Description: Cavalcade is a symmetrical arena map designed around the core Capture the Flag gametype. My goal with this map...