Over the duration of our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest, we've been a bit concerned by low turnout. Battle Golf is an awesome, fun, and unique game mode in need of exciting new courses to be played on. However, the original course in the Action Sack playlist also set a precedent for maps making heavy use of scripting. Despite our assurance that contest entries do not require these scripted elements, this likely intimidated several would-be contestants. The prizes on offer also were admittedly rather underwhelming: we initially wanted this to be a simple contest with a short timeframe and set the prize pool accordingly.

Halo 5_ Forge 2_18_2017 2_43_12 PM.png
Golf Coast by why

Recently, however, we were contacted by a new partner interested in supplying some new (and much more exciting) prizes and extending the deadline in order to see better turnout. We're currently in communication with this partner and we will be announcing new plans for this event as soon as details come into place. For now, keep on working on your maps or consider starting on one if you haven't already. The new deadline is currently "TBA".

Halo 5_ Forge 1_21_2017 1_04_04 PM.png
Bogey Desert by Almighty Nubs

Thanks for bearing with us! We'll make it up to you very soon. To those of you who have already submitted: thank you! Look forward to a bit more competition and a shot at some much better prizes soon and feel free to take this extra time to continue polishing your maps.

"His Name... Is Atriox.
The whole damn covenant couldn't contain him at the height of their power.
All you've got is one old ship and half a crew to staff her?"

"Where you see half a crew, I see family.
And where you see one old ship, I see hope.
That is always worth fighting for!"

Halo Wars is back for the latest generation, this time you'll be facing up against a very angry brute with a giant hammer. It's not just him either, he's brought his big and hairy brute friends too, the Banished. You'll be fighting your battles on familiar ground, with the Ark taking centre stage in the latest confrontation between The UNSC and The Covenant. You'll be leading the UNSC forces from the Spirit of Fire against the Banished, an enemy so dangerous even the rest of the Covenant couldn't stop them. From your birds-eye view of the battlefield you'll have to fight your way across the Ark and defeat one of the toughest foes the UNSC has ever faced to secure victory. Can it be done? Will your tired crew of marines fresh from 30 years of cryosleep be up to the task? The fate of humanity is at stake, so I really hope so!

There's not long left to wait, with the release date set for the 21st of February, and if you've pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition you'll only be waiting until the 17th! But before all that there's the launch party livestream on the 16th of Feb, at 4pm PST (8pm EST, 12am GMT). 343i and Creative Assembly will be streaming on Xbox One, Beam, Twitch, Facebook Live and Youtube, so you can pick your favourite service and watch along with the rest of the community. There will be some exclusive interviews with the team that designed and built Halo Wars 2 and giveaways, so be sure to tune in for a chance to win some cool stuff! (I don't know what they'll actually be giving away, but it's been advertised so...
Last December, Halo 5's Monitor's Bounty content update introduced the ability to create custom game modes via Forge scripting. This scripting system is fairly complex (and admittedly a little buggy at times), but that hasn't stopped AnonFriction from churning out three beloved classic Halo modes.

Anon, or Josh, volunteered his time as an on-site cartographer to help create the maps and modes which went live in the Action Sack playlist with the Monitor's Bounty update. Since then, he's put the scripting knowledge he gained there to work recreating classic game modes.

Screenshot-Original (3).png
Rocket Race is one of the three modes AnonFriction has recreated so far
Josh has set each of his modes up as a prefab which can be easily dropped onto a map to set the modes up with only minor tweaks required. He's also gone arguably way over the top and set variants of Oddball and King of the Hill up on all of the H5 Arena maps. He recently created tutorial videos to help users set up the modes themselves as well.

To bookmark the mode prefabs themselves or the Arena maps they're set up on, Josh's file share can be found here. He has also compiled all of the info on the modes into a thread here. Be sure to keep an eye on the thread for future game mode releases as well. The next one will be very important, people! ;)
343 Industries and Creative Assemblies just unveiled their official launch trailer for the second installment of the real-time strategy Halo series - Halo Wars 2. Check out the trailer below if you haven't already.

Halo Wars 2 takes place shorty after the events of Halo 5: Guardians. The war between humanity and the military alien alliance known as the Covenant has ended, and the Spirit of Fire has been declared lost. However, this trailer reveals that the ship and its remaining passengers are very much alive and are battling against a new Covenant threat.

Halo Wars 2 is set to drop on the 21st of this month. However, you can jump into the action by February 17th if you purchase the ultimate edition of the game.
You might have noticed that our staff team has grown thinner since the end of last year. Well, that's why I'm here today! Simply put, we're looking for members to join our staff team. We aim to provide content and facilitate discussion here at HaloCustoms, so we need an active team of people who're invested in the Halo franchise. If that sounds like you, please take a gander below.

We want to make our team more diverse, so we're looking for event organizers, article writers, and lobby hosts. The application is for a general moderator position, however, so feel free to apply even if those specific responsibilities don't appeal to you.

What we expect:
• Be an active member of the forum
• Participate in discussions of events, articles, etc
• Write articles
• General moderation (bots, forum maintenance, etc)​

What we require:
• Must be proficient at writing
• Must have access to Skype​

If you meet the above criteria, please do message one of our administrators (adderrson, Auburn, or Psychoduck) with an example of your writing! We do NOT have a quota here, but we do expect some consistency. If any of the expectations above sound more like a job than a hobby to you, I'd reconsider applying. We look forward to your message!

We have decided to extend the deadline for our Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest by three weeks! This will place the deadline approximately a month from now, more than enough time to start a submission of your own if you haven't yet done so. We understand Battle Golf is a complex mode to forge for, especially for those of you going the extra mile to script your maps to change each round. We'd like to remind you all that this is not a requirement, but e certainly don't want to discourage entrants from doing so with an early deadline either.

New deadline: February 19th at 11:59 PM EST

If you need a bit of inspiration, check out these Battle Golf courses which have already been created!

Halo 5_ Forge 1_21_2017 1_00_06 PM.png
Gingerbread Falls by original Battle Golf creator Chickenbuddy*

Halo 5_ Forge 1_21_2017 1_03_34 PM.png
Bogey Desert by Almighty Nubs

So, take this extra time to polish your maps or start new ones! Refer to the main contest thread (linked above) for all relevant links and information. Happy forging!

*Gingerbread Falls is not an eligible contest entry given that it was created by the mode's original author.
Welcome, everyone, to HaloCustoms' Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest! With the release of the new Mini Game mode and forge options in the recent Monitor's Bounty update, we at HC decided the time was ripe for our first mini game-oriented contest in a very long time. Battle Golf is a new official mini game created by 343 Industries in which two teams compete to knock their golf balls into a central hole. The single course currently present in the Action Sack playlist is the home of all sorts of insane shenanigans, but it also seems a bit lonely. That's why we'd like to see each of you put your own unique spin on Battle Golf with courses of your own!

If you haven't played Battle Golf yet (you probably should), you can see the game mode in action below. Documentation on how to script Battle Golf can be downloaded here (link downloads a zip containing a guide put together by the forge team at 343 Industries). Our friend BJ Cholewinsky, one of the developers who created Battle Golf, has put together a prefab of all of the basic elements required. While this prefab contains the basic scoring mechanics required for the mode to function, we do encourage you to go crazy with your own twist on the mode! Everything is par for the course (cwutididthere)!

  • First Place (1 recipient): Halo 5 Voices of War Req pack and Gold Req Bundle
  • Runner-ups (2 recipients): Halo 5 Voices of War Req pack
Contest Details
  • Maps must be created in Halo 5: Guardians' or Halo 5: Forge for Windows 10's forge mode
  • Maps must work for the official Battle Golf Mini Game variant at the 4v4 player count with all...

Today, HaloCustoms turns four years old.

The site's proverbial doors may not have officially opened until January of 2013, but it was December 23rd of 2012 when it first came online. The site's first eight members, BigStack, Insane54, Lights, Psychoduck, Titmar, Vincent Torre, MockKnizzle, and Tedium joined that day.

An early HC logo mockup from Titmar and yours truly

HaloCostumes was birthed during a turbulent time for the Halo community. Halo 4 had recently been released, and its controversial launch was bound to bring change of one sort or another. Despite many of us being concerned, even disappointed by the recent turn the franchise had taken, we were hopeful that we could create something special. Each member of the original staff team had previous experience working with the leadership of other community groups in some capacity, and so HaloCustards was built on a foundation formed by learning from the successes and failures of what had come before.

By creating a laid-back atmosphere and fostering friendships with partners like THFE, 343Industries.org, Forge Cafe, and Mr. Pokephile (now Forge Labs), we quickly became a prime destination for Forge and custom games. In the early days, our media stream was filled to he brim with news articles on Halo, Destiny, and Xbox. Early events included Staff vs Community game nights, the first Meet Your Maker contest, and the...
In the last year or so, I've become a bit more interested in expanding my collection of gaming goods beyond the digital realm; a few posters, shirts, and hoodies as well as an adorable Elcor plushie have joined my library of collectibles. So, when I was contacted by Loot Crate and offered a pair of free Halo Crates, it wasn't a tough sell.

In return for the free goodies, I was asked to share my Loot Crate experience with all of you. As I hope most of you are aware, I wouldn't agree to vouch for anything besides a quality product. So, I hope you treat this review-of-sorts as genuine.

My first Halo Legendary crate arrived yesterday. The crate's interior sports a nifty grey-scale image of an ODST, this month's theme.


Inside lay an assortment of goodies which you can see below. These included a matching ODST-themed tee and sweatpants, a concept art poster, a Buck figure, a pin, a Superintendent-themed refrigerator magnet, an ONI briefing packet, and a Halo 5 Req code.


The req pack contained a handful of items of various rarities as well as a unique Apollo player emblem.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-11-07 21-11-14.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-11-08 21-04-24.png
The verdict? Everything here is pretty high-quality. The clothing is comfortable and doesn't feel cheap; the Buck figure and poster are already making my co-workers jealous as office decorations; the briefing packet contains some cool ODST-themed lore which is sure to please superfans. The magnet and pin are the only things here that really feel gimmicky, but that's not exactly a bad thing. I won't be retiring my Compass Rose emblem for the Apollo one anytime soon, but it's definitely a shnazzy one to add to the collection.

I hope you've enjoyed this look...

A month into the release of Forza Horizon 3 (A fun open world driving game set in Australia with a selection of included Halo themed content) is the first Halo themed community event. The Halo Weekender #Forzathon.

If you don't know much about the game or if you want to find out more about our car club, you can do so here.


This weekend event gives users the chance to earn 3 alternate Halo themed horns in game, as well as the chance to add another Warthog to your garage. Puma Power!

This event is live now until 9PM(EST) on Sunday 30th and contains the following challenges/rewards:


As you can see, completing these challenges also give you exclusive commemorative achievements. They're worth zero gamerscore but are still pretty cool, nevertheless.

So gents and ladies, start your engines. Why not come and join us in the Outback? :)