Flood Xenomorph 2.0

Xenomorph (version Final) - A Halo 4 map for the Salvation game type

Xenomorph is a Halo 4 map I made for the Salvation game type by AbandonedCashew. Aesthetically, It's an homage to 80's scifi/horror movies like Alien, while the gameplay emphasizes surprise attacks and close-quarters combat.

The story begins just after you've brought the only survivor of some catastrophe or other back to the medlab aboard your spaceship-- when suddenly, something goes terribly wrong....

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kimjongillwill updated Xenomorph with a new update entry:

Xenomorph 2.0

New version, XENOMORPH 2.0 is here! So, some of the pictures are no longer exactly accurate. If you liked the first one, give 2.0 a shot. It features a lot of aesthetic and game play improvements.

You can still use the old XENOMORPH game type, but I did create a new one with a better description. You can get it by clicking here.
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