Valentines Day Competition, Update and a Competition!


Boy oh boy, do we have a treat for all of you! As I'm sure THE ENTIRE WORLD is aware, Valentines day is coming up, and with it comes tacky commercial decorations, touching Valentines cards, and as many Cynics as there are Lubby Dubby Romantics.
But down to business!

We've got a Valentines day-themed competition for you! The prize? Well, how about some sweet new armor for your Spartan? Already got some sweet armor? Okay, fine, how about some for your Avatar instead?!
You want to look this sexeh, dontcha?
Alright, well here's what you gotta do to get it. It's simple, fun and we're gonna do it in a traditional Halo Custom way! We've got 20 of these badboys to give away, so here's your mission:
  • Team up with another member to host the biggest, baddest, most bro-shoulder-cryingest lobby you can.
  • Join one of these lobbies, and be one of the top two players in that lobby for a chance to win.
The spirit of the competition is just for everyone to get together in holiday-based custom games together. But, there's a catch. Since it is Valentine's day and all, you and you partner need to decide which of you will be the boy, and which will be the girl. We've got 10 male armors, and 10 female armors. Funny, right? Yeah. Hysterical. Fight among yourselves now :eek:

Alright, now for the extremely interesting rules. Here's how, exactly, you can be crowned a champion:

For the Hosts
  1. Your lobby must have games based around 2-player teams. This could be something as simple as multi-team slayer, or as fun and wacky as the many 2v2v2v2-based minigames out there.
  2. You must be teamed up with another member to co-host for your lobby to count.
  3. By the end of your lobby, you must determine which two players in your lobby, besides yourself, performed the best. This is based purely on scores - not popularity, or points for trying. Cold, hard, statistics determine this one.
  4. For your lobby to be chosen as "The best" you need to gather as many lobby likes as you can. The 5 most liked lobbies will be crowned as winners, so as long as you are participating at all, you are likely to get a prize! Important: Likes are not the same as good-host votes. The difference could save your life.
  5. To enter into the competition, create a lobby here, and post a link to it here, along with the name of your co-host.
For the players
  1. You will only win the prize if you are in a winning lobby. If your hosts do not get enough like votes, you will not be rewarded. This means you'll need to work with your hosts to get as many likes as possible!
  2. You do not need to find a partner for a lobby - you can join a game all on your own, and still win!
  3. Nothing more! It's as simple as that! You don't need to officially enter, as you are immediate eligible when you sign up for one of the lobbies here.
Didn't you mention an update?

Why, yes, yes I did. Check it out! Any moment now (or, if you've got hearts floating around your screen, right now!) our beloved Overlord Insane54 will have given y'all a heartwarming Valentines theme (until 15 February)! Check it out!
  • Banner replaced to a Valentines Theme.
  • Falling hearts falling down the site
  • Alerts and inbox notifications are hearts instead of boxes
  • Normal members have their color changed to pink
  • Typing :heart: will add a heart-shaped smilie!
  • "Join a Game" in top bar renamed to "Games"
  • "Post New Game" in Games renamed to "Create a Game"
You can see what it looks like below:

What's the [REDACTED] for, you ask? Well that was there because Insane mentioned a little secret of mine. Yeah, it's a pretty awesome secret. Nobody knows about it. It's pretty sweet. Oh, you want to know? Well, I dunno, can you keep a secret? You can? Well then, here it goes...

Valentines Day Avatar Competition!

On top of the lobby contest previously mentioned, we're holding another yet no less exciting competition based around those cute little pictures you have next to your names.
You've probably seen a few members of staff around here with some sweet little Valentines avatars. Well, now it's your turn! Just make a great Valentines-themed avatar, and post here to submit it! Here are some examples:
The middle one is my favorite

Submitting for this competition is the easiest thing in the world! You can write anything. Anything at all in the submission thread. It can be basically nothing, if you like. Just keep it short, and people will vote for you by liking your post. Don't post more than once, and any discussions will be deleted. Posting more than once will lower your total number of likes, so for your own sakes, keep to those two rules.

Voting for an avatar is crazy easy too. You can vote for as many as you like, and you vote by clicking the Like button at the bottom of the post of the user whose avatar you like! Simple as that!

The Prize...!

Well at first, this was just going to be for fun. But, y'all just had to have a great idea.

I think the winner of the avatar competition should receive the user title "Love Guru."
So old Tedium went and asked Master Insane54, and guess what he said? He said that, not only will he make this happen, but he'll even throw in a sweet Trophy for the winner! No, not a solid gold one. A 2-point trophy! Mouthwatering, I know. So get to it!

Edit: Turns out, Insane wants to give trophies to all the Customs competition winners as well! What a guy!


Enter for the competition here!

That's all, folks!

^ This. But I should mention that all compeitions end and will be judged next Friday, 15 of February 2013. That's the day after Valentines Day, everyone, but feel free to submit at any time between now and then! The sooner you do it, the more likes you'll get...!

See ya later, everyone! Let's all help to make this the first of many amazing holiday competitions to come! Good luck!
too bad i didnt make my own avatar :( pink??? ewwww, we were fearing this day would come :D

edit: loveguru!
I don't care for the armor so much, since I like the way my avatar looks now and will probably leave him as is for a long, long time.

But as for the avatar competition... well... how can you not like Richard Simmons in fruit?

BTW, I think the winner of the avatar competition should receive the user title "Love Guru."