Cool Time Marches On


Where did February go? It seems to have passed before my very eyes and as a result there are few things I wanted to cover last month but thanks to a lack of free time due to other real world commitments, I simply didn't find the time and for that I can only apologise. #WhatIsRealLife?
Of the two things I wanted to cover the most prevalent is the results for the Be Mine Valentine Weekend which have now been delayed for nearly a month. Sorry about that. The idea behind it was to show off how well you and a friend could operate as a unified killing machine. Highlighted by Game DVR clips.

You can read more about the event here. But more importantly let's move onto the results! Just to recap the top 3 most liked clips in the event's submission thread win along with the 6 HC members featured in those clips. The three winning clips are;

Bibz + Yeti
"Let's get some match making sweat in this thread shall we? Nasty 4 shot & Splinter nade double."

Jesus in Malibu + SteelGreen03
"Monkey see... Monkey do...?"
Wait.... did I say 3 clips? The issue here is that the remaining clips all finished in a dead heat. Rather than gift a win to fellow staffer (I mean how corruptz do you think I am). I picked this video evidence of our very own ChewyNutCluster getting teabagged by his little brother. Something we won't want him to forget about, anytime soon. So congrats also to;

Congrats to all 5 of you. Your shiny new "Be Mine :heart:" site trophy will be with you shortly. I'll ensure that I get top men onto the task of assigning this to each of you. Top... Men.

Overall I really like the format of this event and would like to see it return next year. Don't forget that the 2nth Polished Turd Forge-A-Thon is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for more info on this returning event over the next few weeks. :dax:

Holy Crossover Batman!

The other thing I really wanted to cover last month are the 2 Halo based cameos that surfaced over the month of February.

Rocket League, the popular ball game with rocket powered cars that's swept the gaming world over the course of the last year launched on Xbox One last month. In case you wasn't aware, you can unlock a rather kickass playable Warthog. You can check out an image of it in all it's majesty below.

The game is a lot fun and I'd personally highly recommend it. Feel free to continue with any Rocket League based discussion in the remainder of this thread below. You can purchase the game from Xbox Live Marketplace here.

Recently we also got the first season of Killer Instinct for free on Games with Gold. As part of the Season 3 announcements it was revealed that our very own Arbiter/Thel 'Vadamee would be a playable character, along with a Swords of Sanghelios themed playspace to fight in. You can check out the trailer for this content below.

The Arbiter and the rest of Killer Instinct's third season releases at the end of the month on the 29th.

Apologies again for delay in the release of this Media Stream post. Thank you for your patience and remember to keep an eye out for the upcoming Xbox Spring Sale, along with custom game/matchmaking sessions hosted by Staff and other Community Members over the course of the month. Here's hoping we also get some newly supported Backwards Compatible titles. Fingers crossed for Halo Wars. :)