News The end of Hallows' Eve!

October was a colorful month here on HaloCustoms, but as we've reached the end of Hallows' Eve, we have once again become engrossed in a plethora of blue. Remember the two Halloween contests that were held this year? You were supposed to vote for your favorite submissions by liking their posts, but as some of you know, the like button vanished making that... difficult. Well, I can explain. Our lovely friend the like button decided to dress as a ghost for Halloween... or something! With that having been said, we took it upon ourselves to choose the spookiest submission instead!

Congratulations to
Ye Olde Apple

for his spooky submission:
Thee Untold Chapel!
Now, what's a winner without a prize?... and do we have a wonderful prize for Apple! Again, because our friend the like button transitioned into a specter-like state, we took it upon ourselves to personally choose the spookiest of titles submitted. We thought long and hard about which one truly represented the spirit of Halloween. We needed a title that would strike fear in the hearts of unsuspecting nubcakes and that would... er, you get the point. Without further ado, Ye Old Apple will now be known as the...

... HALLOWIENER! submitted by our friendly neighborhood cool guy, :dax:.
Enjoy your custom title! Apple, if you'd like your title to remain the same as before, send a message to one of our administrators! We'd like to extend our thanks to everybody that participated in the frightful name changing and that submitted to the contests. See you next Halloween!

p.s. How was your Halloween?


I founds the like button, it seems it's spirit for Halloween still lives on. My Halloween consisted of staring at a computer screen consisting of TMCC stuffs. Congrats, Apple!
It's not a nickname I'll remember myself by, but I do enjoy the gesture, so thank you all the same. c:

I'd have enjoyed "Hallowinner" much more. Ah well.