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I want to talk about it first :p

Round 1
Now, I know "Ultimate" is sort of an ironic way to name the first round, but in this week's Staff vs Community, we kicked it off with a round of Vincent Torre's game, Ultimate (frisbee). If you've never played Ultimate Frisbee before, here are the rules: Throw the ball to a friend. If that friend is standing in the goal, you win. If not, throw to another friend and repeat. Sound good? Sweet.

A beautiful interception in the making by Minotaur
Here, the staff use their corruption powers to summon a Vincent Torre, who knows this game inside-out. He covered the sides, covered the center and covered everywhere else to ensure that the Community didn't have a chance at getting the ball away from the Staff. And it worked, too!

This is how it's done, fellas

Along with Tedium standing in the goal like a log, the game was quickly won by everyone's favorite Staff team!

Staff Wins!
Staff: 1
Community: 0

Round 2
Classic Slayer on Ragnarok

The second time around, us Staff thought we'd be less corrupt and would put up a map everyone knows and loves - Ragnarok! We played a classic variant, which played much more like Valhalla from Halo 3 with Battle Rifles and Covenant Carbines for loadout weapons.

As the game loaded up, I hopped right into the warthog. As fate would have it, MockKnizzle jumped in, and in the next thirty seconds he would pull off a feat so majestically fantastic that it shall forever be burned into my memory, right under the "HOLY £$%&ING $%£7 THAT WAS AWESOME" part of my brain.

I'll get back to this one. You're not yet ready... ;)

Classic Slayer BTB (3).jpg
Wakko45 and MockKnizzle overturn their warthog to hold out against the waves of community.
Classic Slayer BTB (2).jpg
The Community smokes them out by THROWING THE WARTHOG WITH THEIR BARE HANDS.

Shore Jesus grabbed the sniper at some point, and haunted the Staff with his ever-vigilant aim. Heck, he even shot down Wakko the moment he had the guts to show his face over the hill in full Banshee gear.

Classic Slayer BTB.jpg
This sniper warrior illuminates the battlefield with his arcing shots of pinpoint death, tearing down the angels from the sky at the touch of a button
Oh, don't think I've forgotten that magical moment that I shared with MockKnizzle. Now, I'm afraid I haven't figured out how to upload video from my Fileshare to here, so in the meantime, you'll have to use your imagination to fully appreciate the wonder and brilliance of what happened next.

Classic Slayer BTB (4).jpg
That's right. THAT'S RIGHT. MockKnizzle pulled off a full, five second, single wheely AROUND A CORNER to escape the heavy fire of of three enemies. When he got back on all four wheels, we shot down the warthog about the ram us, before Wakko45 finished him off with a Banshee Blast.
Sorry Community, but for all of your effort, it wasn't quite enough. The Staff wooped yo' behinds, 100 kills to 60-something. I don't know exactly, but whatever the number, it was another win for the Staff!

Staff Wins!
Staff: 2
Community: 0

Round 3
One Flag on Skydock

Feeling cocky and overconfident, the Staff decide to bring in an extra Community member. With the teams now at 6 vs. 5, the Staff were beginning to feel like defeat was simply a far, abstract concept.

Boy were we wrong.

1 Flag CTF (1).jpg
See all of the Red people? I spot five. See all the blue people? I spot me, alone, afraid and horribly outnumbered.

This time around, the Community were getting serious. With no wins so far, they organize their positions and rain fire upon the helpless, trembling Staff members. For all their corruption, for all their previous wins, they were not prepared by the humiliating round that lay ahead of them.

After what felt like hours of death and respawning, one lucky Staff member managed to tap the Enemy flag. Then he died. Luckily, another Staff member tapped it again, before dying three seconds later. The Staff eventually threw enough dead bodies at the flag so that it was knocked in the general direction of their home plate. By pure chance (and MockKnizzle...) the Staff pulled off a Round win, despite the Community's impressive kill/death ratio.

1 Flag CTF.jpg
I mean, even MockKnizzle 's gun turned against him, knocking him out as he defended the precious flag.
This pattern continued for each team, neither round ending in a result. Thus, this ended in a Tie.

Tie Game
Staff: 2
Tie Games: 1
Community: 0

Round 4
Team Regicide on Fallen City
This was the game I enjoyed the most. Not just because I was king the entire time, but also because I got to kills lots of people. That was fun. Also, I was the king a lot, which meant that I got to kill loads of people.

Team Regicide (6).jpg
Can you see me hiding in plain sight? Neither could those red guys. That's why they died.

So right off the bat, The Zoid and yours truly took the crown. Before long, the sexual tension between us was too strong to ignore. This exploded explosively in an explosive implosion of passionate bullet exchange.

Team Regicide (2).jpg
The age old question - will Overshield beat Damage Boost? Or will mysterious green-head-guy steal the cake?

Team Regicide (4).jpg
I got cocky and thought I could hold off in this little nook at the Community's base. From the pile of dead bodies, I guess I did well, but when a guy starts running in, shooting a gun in his right hand, throwing grenades with his left and giving me the finger with his third, I can't say I lasted long.

Some people are just too fabulous for this world

Eventually, the timer started tick tocking down, and Vincent Torre started getting tired of The Zoid's corner-hiding shenanigans, and felt the need to finish things up.

Boom. Done. What's next?

Staff Wins!
Staff: 3
Tie Games: 1
Community: 0

Round 5
Shields Up on SAW Arena
Time for a minigame! Here's one of my favorites, where one team runs around with no weapons and unlimited Hardlight Shields, and the others waddle slowly towards them with their bottomless clip Saws. The trick is separating the team, and surrounding them to get behind them, either to assassinate or to shoot the hell out of with Saws.

Shields Up! (5).jpg
As the game started, the Staff clearly were in over their heads, as the Community closed in, hungry for a victory
Vincent tries to run, but gets a knife in the back from Septagon for his troubles

Our numbers Dwindling, Fuzzle is forced to watch, as the Ordo skirata breaks MockKnizzle 's neck
Okay, now they're just mocking us...
The humilation over, the Staff have four more rounds to win over sweet lady victory. I hear this lady's an easy one, and she's especially fond of men with Orange names. She hands us her favor over the next four rounds, the Community scattering and running in circles like headless chickens.

Now the Staff begin to understand how it's done

I came

And that about wraps it up! It's another win for the Staff, who remain undefeated. I'd pick it up, community, or else all your friends are going to think you've got no skills.

Staff Wins!
Staff: 4
Tie Games: 1
Community: 0

At the risk of being a poor winner... nyaanyaanaaahh we win, you lost! Ha. Ha. Haaaaa. Maybe next time, guys. Maybe next time ;) Until then, stay beautiful.​
YAY shenanigans :D

You didn't mention my awsome double kill with the sticky det. on Skydock. But at least i see my name so, great :D
Sry. Opinions. I hate spelling. I was wondering because its my map
I'll post on your map thread, as to not derail this one.

YAY shenanigans :D

You didn't mention my awsome double kill with the sticky det. on Skydock. But at least i see my name so, great :D
Yeah, a lot of awesome stuff happened here, but it was hard to find it all. I think I remember that, though at the time I was just like: :teddy:
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The problem is the time that these games are hosted. All of the good community players I know of get online after 9 PM EST. These games usually occur from 4 to 6 PM EST and on Sundays to boot. So of course the community gets screwed over every time. But honestly, I look at all of these recaps, and it's generally the same people every time... It's no wonder the results are similar throughout.
The problem is the time that these games are hosted. All of the good community players I know of get online after 9 PM EST.
Fair enough. Maybe next time you guys can have a fully north american match. Though, statistically, there's no reason why the best players would only get on after 9pm. Smells like an excuse to me... ;)
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Staff might need to use Titmar as a handicap so things become fair.
Though i wonder if the Community can withstand the magical bullets of my Pro-AR.