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Jan 30, 2015
Fresh By: Superior Forger (Racetrack; best with 8-14)

My 1st racetrack created in H2A at the start of my new account "Superior Forger". I built it to get better antiquated with forge. This track is more general meaning anybody can play it and get a hang of driving it withing 1-3 laps. None of my racetracks are designed to be for tryhards or competitive play.

The very 1st version of this map was the best, however, it only worked with 2-3 players and that was unacceptable for me. So I changed 1/3rd of the layout and 3 versions later it supports up to 14 players. The very 1st thing I forged was the structure at the start of the map because I thought it would be a cool architecture to have on the track. The map has a dual meaning: 1st off when I uploaded the track it was going under Superior Forger as a new gamertag and for the community to see a new forger. 2nd off, I was starting over to get a fresh start and to get away from all the problems I was having before hand. Long story short, I made a few mistakes before and after the name change and ended up being discovered.

Record Breaker By: Superior Forger (Racetrack; max 4 players)

Record Breaker is probably my favorite track I've made for H2A. As the title clearly states, I built it with the mind set to break records or in a better manner to make stuff never seen or done before. I spent over a month building this track by myself. There were many hard parts to forge that took me hours or even days just to get right. For instance, the 10 numbers going from top to bottom took a lot of measuring, lining up, and moving back and forth to prevent the mongoose from hitting the numbers on the way down.

Another challenge was building the straight up hill climb. I may look like it's just a bunch of shield doors that push you up, but there is a science behind it. The biggest challenge of all was getting the record to break completely. When I started this idea, all but 3 shield doors would break and that wasn't good enough for me so I kept at it until all the shields broke. The last challenge was getting back up to beginning of the track without using a teleporter. Long forge session short, it took about 12 heavy cannon man stack on each other, 4 shield doors, 6 infection shields, and 14 or more gravity volumes to get the last bit to work. And on top of that I had to test, test, test for everything to work consistently.

Flame By: Superior Forger (Racetrack; recommended with 8 players or less, but supports 14)

Flame was recently referred to as french fries, but was designed to look like a flame with all the colors that flames can be when burned with different chemicals. I want to make it clear that I've been trying to build a Loop de Loop since Stunt Jocky and have failed time and time again until now. I've built about a dozen or so loops throughout Halo 4 and Halo 2 and this is the only one I was satisfied with. The remainder of the track flame admittedly is not the best, but I just wanted to get the point out that Loop de Loops are possible in H2A and also wanted to be the 1st person to build one.

Knock Knock By: Superior Forger (Demotrack; 4v4 or 5v5)

1st Successful Demotrack I've ever built. I've been trying to build a demotrack for about a year now. For those of you who don't know Demotracks from regular Racetracks I would recommend you check out Halotracks and ask around, but to explain how it works in basic terms: There are 4 colors used for the King of the Kill gametype "Demo or Demotracks" and they are "Red, Blue, Orange, and Purple". The Red and Blue Teams consist of 1 player each and are the racers. The Orange and Purple team consist of 3 players each and are the blockers. Red team and Orange team act as 1 team and Blue team and Purple team act as 1 team. The objective of the game is to block the enemy teams racer as best they can without cheating or breaking the rules while racers avoid enemy blockers and try to stay in 1st place to win the race. The scoring is done by King of the Hill and usually 1st to 15 points wins. This is a very fun game and I would recommend getting in touch with some of the halotracks members to teach you how to play if your interested.

Knock Knock was designed with many changes along the way. Each demotrack is different but the same. What I mean by that is every demotrack has a different path with different obsticals typically, but the same objective which is to give the racers havoc along the way! To better give you an idea, Knock Knock has many tight sections which offer the blockers an advantage over the racers to block them 3 fold in a tight space. But it doesn't stop there, Knock Knock also has 3 Knock back zones which is basically like hitting a road block but instead Knocks you off course and further delays you from getting the checkpoint and will probably make you loose the lead. But no worries because the other racer is facing the same destruction. Knock Knock like many other Demotracks also feature Knock Off zones which kill you if knocked into and reset you back to the start which means. There is no doubt this game can be brutal, but trust me it's very very fun.

Beachy By: Superior Forger (Demotrack; 3v3)

Beachy is nothing special really, it was built on Last Resort and is a crowded Demotrack. This tracks main features include soccer ball traps and 3 Knock back zones.

Dynamo By: GoldUrchin8085 & Superior Forger (Demotrack; 4v4)

1st Co-Forge with my buddy GoldUrchin8085. We spent a total of maybe 5 days forging and editing this map. When we forged this map I asked him to forge the idea that he had in mind and I started forging an idea somewhere else on the map; then after about an hour or less I implemented my design on his part and we just went from there. We basically finished the track within the 1st day or day and 1/2. But after testing the 1st time we took out some things and moved some things around and changed a lot of stuff for the better. Of the 10 race maps I've built in H2A I would have to say this is the best one.

Eye in the Sky By: Superior Forger (Demotrack; 4v4)

Eye in the Sky was inspired by the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The design was actually really simple to build and only took me about 3 days total to build. Like other demotracks there are both Knock back points and Knock off reset points to make it harder and more frustrating for the racer to complete the race.

sXe By: Superior Forger (Racetrack; max 12)

sXe is 1 of the few symbols to represent Straight Edge which I am and have been all my life. This map features 3 big x's like so "xXx". The triple X's also are represented by Straight Edge as well as just a single X. Other aesthetics include a no Alcohol sign, no tobacco sign, and a no drugs sign which are all apart of the Straight Edge Society. This is just a track I've been thinking about building for a good long while to express myself. It's really just a simple coaster I enjoyed making.

Roads of Art By: Superior Forger (Racetrack; max 12-14; Collision Course)

Roads of Art was titled so because it is a symmetrical collision based race map that looked like a work of art from the overview. It was originally built for a collision contest at I think it came in 2nd or 3rd place but I don't remember. This track features 2 separate paths through about 95% of the track, so you can expect a high probability of collisions. It also features 2 obstacles which most people think are quite difficult. They include 6 soccer balls that go back and forth via 2 cannon man and you drive the path in between it all. Let be the 1st to tell you if you ziz-zag through it the soccer ball section than you should make it untouched every time unless you get in a collision with another racer. The 2nd obstacle includes Infection shields that you have weave in and out of 2 directions. It's best not to hit the shields at all.

Whiplash By: Superior Forger (Racetracks; recommended 8 players)

Whiplash is my last racetrack that I've finished so far and will probably be my last for a long while. This track was just built for a motocross contest, but was disqualified early in the contest probably because it wasn't very competitive. But no worries it's still a fun map to play with friends or solo. The track is called Whiplash because the last part of the track is a huge rollover and if you don't slow down for it then you will hit the back wall thus giving you whiplash.

Map Features:

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