Jan 2, 2013
New York City

The Community Cartographers are collecting 4v4 maps to be considered for Halo 5's Arena and Team Slayer matchmaking playlists. While we don't have specific dates to share yet, we want this announcement to encourage you to start creating or refining your designs.

Our search for 4v4 maps is two fold, we are accepting both original designs and remakes of classic Halo maps. Please note, our intention is not to cross pollinate originals and remakes together in a single playlist. We wish to create a separate playlist revolved around the remake maps that will use Halo 2 BR starts. We recommend that you submit your 4v4 maps to as many website platforms as possible to ensure that your map receives the recognition and attention it deserves.


As you may have seen in the past during our collection of infection maps, we have implemented a new map submission system on Halo Waypoint acting as a repository for all 3rd party community websites such as this one. We just finished creating all of the appropriate submission threads on Halo Waypoint for all map gathering needs.

Halo Waypoint: Official Map Submission Thread

When your 4v4 map is complete and you are submitting it on Halo Waypoint, please follow the proper format when submitting your maps. Simply copy and paste the provided structure verbatim into your post. Failure to include the required portions of your submission may result in your map not being reviewed.
  • Map Name:
  • Author(s):
  • Gametypes: (Slayer, Strongholds, Assault, Capture the Flag, Oddball)
  • Map Description: (at most 1-2 sentences)
  • Screenshot: (XboxDVR or image link)
  • (Optional) Video: (XboxDVR or YouTube link)

- All existing Arena game modes are available to use such as Slayer, Strongholds, Capture the Flag and Assault. While we encourage you to set up as many gametypes as possible, not all gametypes are required to function on a single map. Please set up game modes that you feel best suite the space, player experience and symmetry.
- Symmetrical maps are best suited for Slayer, Capture the Flag, Assault and Strongholds.
- Asymmetrical maps are best suited for Slayer and Strongholds.
- Remake maps will be using Halo 2 BR starts while utilizing Halo 5 standard movement mechanics.


After your 4v4 map is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Community Cartographers. They will be meticulous in looking for any map issues that will impact gameplay: player containment, incorrect spawn points, misplaced kill barriers, unruly geometry, etc.

If any revisions are required, the Cartographers will contact the map’s creator with feedback. Maps that are not properly contained with kill boundaries or suffer from performance issues won’t be considered for matchmaking.

As always, 343 Industries has the final say in everything that goes into matchmaking and when the playlist is updated. The Community Cartographers will make recommendations, but 343 Industries will make the final call.

Finally, if your map is not complete or does not make this first round of matchmaking implementation, please complete it and submit it at your convenience so we may consider it for a future playlist update.