SvC Staff vs Community #10 Recap

Yesterday, we held the tenth HaloCustoms Staff vs Community game night. In years past, the brave staff team has valiantly defended against the community's ravenous horde. Each time, the community has mobilized their destructive engines of war and, each time, we have bravely quashed their pathetic rebellion through the use of superior tactics and better coffee. We wish we could paint the same rosy picture to convey the outcome of this event, but sadly we cannot.

On January fifteenth, 2016, a band of dastardly blue barbarians led an all-out assault against the beleaguered forces of the staff team. With unparalleled bravery, we defended our values of honor and fairness as well as the coveted fruit transformation machine. With equal ferocity, the community team lashed out and destroyed all that we hold dear. Our cunning and benevolence were no match for their destructive sadism.

...Or so we let them think.

That is right, the staff finally allowed the community to win an SvC event. Yeti, Nobelnaga, ChewyNutCluster, EmbarkingZeus, and alex quit fought hard to destroy all that is good in the HaloCustoms world. One gentle blueberry, HAL0 M4N, stood up against his barbaric brethren, but even his efforts could not stop the plans we had put in motion. With our vast wisdom and charming good looks, we hatched a scheme to keep this evil at bay. The staff team decided to throw the games to build false hope among this band of anti-heroes.

Each of these community traitors will be branded with a "Got Gud" custom title to maintain this facade of false hope. Fear not, my friends, your beloved staff team is still here to protect you from all that is evil and destructive.

Stay tuned for more exciting Staff vs Community and HaloCustoms vs the World events in the future, and thanks to all who participated.
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