Q&A Snake? Snake?... SNAAAKE!


I lay here this Monday morning, praising myself over the clever title I thought up some time earlier. I begin typing it, but then a thought hits me. Will they understand the reference?, I ask myself. My skin pales as I continue to tap away at the keyboard, brief bouts of anxiety overwhelming me with each passing moment...

Welcome, my friends, to the umpteenth installment of staff Q&A! Who's receiving the brunt of our little interrogation this time around, you ask? Our friendly, neighborhood SOLIDSNAKEee is of course! Grab yourself a SNACKee (eh, geddit?) and question away, young pandawans**! As usual, each person is limited to just three questions and the srs bzns trophy is available to the cool guys that ask cool things ;)!
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I already know you so... let's begin with some shitposting.

1. Since you are a potato... If you were cut up into thinly sliced pieces and fried in transfat, would you taste good?

2. If you had the choice to be served as fries at a fast food joint, which restaurant would you pick?

3. If you ever had an interest in forging, what kind of map would you attempt to create? Will it ever make you a real THFE?
1: Why the name that's close to a nightmare of mine?

2: What are your hopes for the Halo franchise?

3: How do you feel about Auburn's title for this?
They said this day would never come, what are they to say now.
Ah yes, "Snake's Q & A Thread." The ancient Forge Hub prophecy that a potato would one day become staff and be interrogated by blueberries. We have dismissed these claims.

1. What do you get wheeen... you know....

2. I know you forge mini games, but I'm not sure I've ever seen any of them. Link me, chief of spuds!

3. Speaking of maps and mapliness, are you planning on working on any new types of maps in H2A and beyond?
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This day was foretold by a wise farmer on the highest peak of the Earth...
1. Russet, Yukon Gold or Red?
2. Can I call you Bud the Spud?
3. If not, why? If so, why?
1. Will you notice me senpai?

2. Did you know vodka was fermented potatoes?

3. Also, if you drink vodka, isn't that technically drinking the blood of your brethren?
  1. You find yourself alone stranded on an island. There is a box. What is in the box? (Just say the first thing that comes to your mind).
  2. Which of these scenarios (slightly NSFW) would be most likely true for each of your fellow limes and apples?
  3. Since I see you being referred to as a "potato" around here, could you explain to me which traits/attributes you current possess that would be shared with a potato? Examples are, but not limited to:
    • Plethora of eyes
    • Round, with slight bumps
    • Deliciously tasting when deep fried
    • Comes in regular and sweet variants
1.What movie do you think Michael Bay is going to make next(it can't be a sequel)?

2.Will the new Star Wars movie suck?

3.What is one thing that you want (added) in forge?
1. Why are you so bad at Halo?

2. How can a potatoe use the ban hammer with no arms?

3. Who let the potatoes out?
1. Why you hate me?
2. Why do you look 12 in person but your 20 something?
3. Why are you even on THFE if you don't forge?
I'm terribly sorry to interrupt the stream of incredibly stupid questions, but here goes.
  1. What about Halo and the community built around it originally drew you in and made you want to become involved in said community?
  2. What are your thoughts on the current state of Halo and its community?
  3. Could you describe some of your favorite and most memorable moments had on HaloCustoms or with members of this community in general?
Sorry, I guess I don't get the reference. But here are my questions:

1. What do you think about the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer?

2. Interstellar, movie of the year? (If you haven't seen it yet, meh.)

3. Are you going to watch the Hobbit BO5A in 3D HFR and when?

[I know, kind of movie-themed, but somebody needs to] ;)
1. Do you see yourself ever making a competitive map?
2. I know you're working on a minigame in H2A. Will you continue forging in Halo 5?
3. Are you truly :mine:?
I hope no one picked these ones yet.
1. Why do you favor the potato and what did this start from.
2. Where did the name Solid Snake come from.
3. Can we do a raid? (haven't done one together yet)

P.S. Can you feature my map? :eek::):cool2:
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1) Every Potato, Should be a sweet potato.
2) Can you state the Quadratic Formula by heart?
3) Will there be a Halo 7?
1. Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a potato?
2. Have you ever been on television?
3. Have you ever sang or performed/said a line or two on stage, perhaps for a school event or such.
3a- If yes was it in a Christmas play?
3b- If no, would you?
3c- p0

4me. 2scary

1: Do you know why the area of a circle is equal to Pi times the square of the radius?

2: Do you know what "我们要出去吃马铃薯,但是我没有钱。" means?

3: What are the components of a nucleotide in a DNA strand?

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