Q&A Snake? Snake? SNAAAKE!... Yesss?


Slightly over a month ago, a fellow staffer known as Auburn posted a certain Q&A for a certain reptilian, potatoish, snackified, person. Well after some dwelling in my cardboard box followed by a few delays for uh... reasons... our friendly neighborhood lemon (adderrson) decided to remind me to get this Q&A wrapped up. So without further ado my pandawans**, lets get to it.

I already know you so... let's begin with some shitposting.

1. Since you are a potato... If you were cut up into thinly sliced pieces and fried in transfat, would you taste good?

2. If you had the choice to be served as fries at a fast food joint, which restaurant would you pick?

3. If you ever had an interest in forging, what kind of map would you attempt to create? Will it ever make you a real THFE?
1. Of course! Everything always tastes better when it involves potatoes.

2. That's a tough one. With quality like this, you'd have to make sure that it gets served with the best of the best. Also KFC is pretty good so KFC. :p

3. I've had an interest in forging for sometime, even as far back as Halo 3 though my first attempt at a map was in Reach where I attempted to make an Invasion map where the Spartans would drop in via drop pods to defend against the Elites onslaught as they attempted to blow up an Orbital Elevator. Though I was unable to to stop fall damage from dropping the Spartans shields so I gave up on that project after a few months. One day I'll be real THFE!

1: Why the name that's close to a nightmare of mine?

2: What are your hopes for the Halo franchise?

3: How do you feel about Auburn's title for this?
1. After dividing by zero and discovering a secret formula that has been lost since the ancient age, that allows one person to peer into anothers dreams while also taking the legendary crystal potato from beneath the lonely mountain, I have come to the conclusion that "yes" would be an appropriate answer.

2. I'd love to see some recognition paid to the extended lore. With Halo 4 we got a glimpse of the Didact however the story we seen in Halo 4 shows the Didact as a generic bad guy rather than the amazingly badass character that he is. So in short, I'd love to see some better recognition of the canon of the universe.

3. Needs moar cardboard boxes.

Ah yes, "Snake's Q & A Thread." The ancient Forge Hub prophecy that a potato would one day become staff and be interrogated by blueberries. We have dismissed these claims.

1. What do you get wheeen... you know....

2. I know you forge mini games, but I'm not sure I've ever seen any of them. Link me, chief of spuds!

3. Speaking of maps and mapliness, are you planning on working on any new types of maps in H2A and beyond?
1. A famine! Wait...crap.... I know this one... they're all over, there? Maybe? Ish? I suck at references...

2. I've been attempting to forge some mini games for sometime now but they're not quite done and the fileshares for MCC are still borked. Sorry! :(

3. Possibly. I'm not the brightest when it comes to map ideas but if it's good enough and the idea lingers around in my head for a bit, I normally consider making the map. In terms of current maps, there's two that has been in the works for a little while but whether I'll finish them or not is another question all together.

1)What is your name?

2)What is your quest?

3)What is your favorite potato?
1. The names Snake, Solid Snake..ee, but you can call me SaladSnake..ee.

2. To be the very best.


This day was foretold by a wise farmer on the highest peak of the Earth...
1. Russet, Yukon Gold or Red?
2. Can I call you Bud the Spud?
3. If not, why? If so, why?
1. Resset and Yukon Gold.

2. No.

3. My name is not Bud :(. Good try though!

1. Who's my favorite THFE?
2. Why are you so nice?
3. Why so serious?
1. RLD Hot Tamale.

2. For science of course!

3. Yes.

1. Will you notice me senpai?

2. Did you know vodka was fermented potatoes?

3. Also, if you drink vodka, isn't that technically drinking the blood of your brethren?
1. nou

2. I didn't. The more you know!

3. Vampire potatoes ftw! We also don't sparkle.

  1. You find yourself alone stranded on an island. There is a box. What is in the box? (Just say the first thing that comes to your mind).
  2. Which of these scenarios (slightly NSFW) would be most likely true for each of your fellow limes and apples?
  3. Since I see you being referred to as a "potato" around here, could you explain to me which traits/attributes you current possess that would be shared with a potato? Examples are, but not limited to:

    • Plethora of eyes
    • Round, with slight bumps
    • Deliciously tasting when deep fried
    • Comes in regular and sweet variants
1. Another box.

2. Error 404 answer not found.

3. I could but you'd have to be a potato to understand, sorry.

1.What movie do you think Michael Bay is going to make next(it can't be a sequel)?

2.Will the new Star Wars movie suck?

3.What is one thing that you want (added) in forge?
1. One with even more explosions than the last.

2. That's a good question. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

3. Limiting myself to one answer would just be to difficult. I think day/evening/night cycles should be an option or at the very least fx that give us the feeling of those particular cycles. Also seeing some different terrain settings like desert, snow etc would be pretty cool as well and maybe some preset textures for objects. As an example, blood on a wall or bullet holes in a wall.

1. Why are you so bad at Halo?

2. How can a potatoe use the ban hammer with no arms?

3. Who let the potatoes out?
1. I'm not bad, they're just really good!

2. I could tell you of the battle, how the potato once wielded the banhammer but I won't and you'll have to wait to buy it in our upcoming, on disc dlc!

3. The farmer, duh.

1. Why you hate me?
2. Why do you look 12 in person but your 20 something?
3. Why are you even on THFE if you don't forge?
1. You act really childish and annoying at times. Mostly the latter though. Also, I don't hate you though I do dislike the way you act.

2. It's an Irish thing.

3. Through a passion for the community and the content they produce, such as but not limited to, custom games.

I'm terribly sorry to interrupt the stream of incredibly stupid questions, but here goes.
  1. What about Halo and the community built around it originally drew you in and made you want to become involved in said community?
  2. What are your thoughts on the current state of Halo and its community?
  3. Could you describe some of your favorite and most memorable moments had on HaloCustoms or with members of this community in general?
1. The first thing that drew me into Halo would have been the moments I shared with my cousin back on Halo 3. We'd build these symmetric-ish type bases on Sandtrap and go to battle with each other. After that it would have been the story of Halo and the mystery of the Forerunners.

2. Halo is either evolving or dying. To fans of old its the latter, I however look forward to what the future of Halo holds. Hopefully the next installment to the franchise won't have such a terrible launch like that of MCC.

My thoughts on the community in it's current state? Halo has always had an amazing community and I'm lucky to have been a part of it and, hopefully, will be lucky to see it through until the end. However to answer the question, we've made it through Halo 4 and come out like a close nit family but we need to be more excepting for newer members to both the franchise and Halo customs. So it that means the we need to be a little more patient with people, so be it. I think we're a good community but we could still use a bit of work.

3. Playing clue with Jesus in Malibu, ou7c45t (we were both killers and he sniped me... I still remember gosh dang it!), Sam The Great just to name a few. The SvC's as the community suffered defeat after defeat. Halo 3, joining random customs with complete strangers and having some pretty amazingly funny moments. The latter of which is something I hope we can achieve once again for future installments to the franchise.

Sorry, I guess I don't get the reference. But here are my questions:

1. What do you think about the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer?

2. Interstellar, movie of the year? (If you haven't seen it yet, meh.)

3. Are you going to watch the Hobbit BO5A in 3D HFR and when?

[I know, kind of movie-themed, but somebody needs to] ;)
1. Both trailers look pretty amazing. Can't wait to see it when it comes out ^.^.

2. I wasn't a big movie nut last year but Interstellar was a pretty damn amazing film. So to any plebs that haven't watched it, watch it.. twice.

3. 2Dmasterrace! Actually the 3D glasses that we have hurt my nose so I seen it in 2D. Good film but not the best.

1. Do you see yourself ever making a competitive map?
2. I know you're working on a minigame in H2A. Will you continue forging in Halo 5?
3. Are you truly :mine:?
1. If I could ever finish a map, possibly. However I'd need some guidance as I know I'd suck at making both good callouts and appropriate sight lines.

2. If I have any good ideas, sure.

3. Only if you never let go?

I hope no one picked these ones yet.
1. Why do you favor the potato and what did this start from.
2. Where did the name Solid Snake come from.
3. Can we do a raid? (haven't done one together yet)

P.S. Can you feature my map? :eek::):cool2:
1. Potatoes are a pretty big thing in Ireland, I'm Irish. It's also one of the things we're best known for, aside from being drunk. :solidsnakeee:

2. A game called Metal Gear Solid. Look it up, the first game is arguably the best in the series.

3. Been there, done that, would do again. So long as you don't pick up the shield of course ;).

That's another question!....Maybe....

1) Every Potato, Should be a sweet potato.
2) Can you state the Quadratic Formula by heart?
3) Will there be a Halo 7?
1. Indeed.

2. I could but, I don't wanna.

3. Technically we'd be moving on to the 10th installment, 8th if you don't include MCC and Halo: CEA

1. Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a potato?
2. Have you ever been on television?
3. Have you ever sang or performed/said a line or two on stage, perhaps for a school event or such.
3a- If yes was it in a Christmas play?
3b- If no, would you?
3c- p0

4me. 2scary
1. 417,483 or so I'm told.

2. No, thankfully.

3. Yes.
3a- Also yes.

0/10 would not recommend


1: Do you know why the area of a circle is equal to Pi times the square of the radius?

2: Do you know what "我们要出去吃马铃薯,但是我没有钱。" means?

3: What are the components of a nucleotide in a DNA strand?

1. Did you know, that it's actually not butter!?

2. I'll give you some money for dem potaters!

3. Stardust.

1. Do you protest the sale of Mr.Potatohead toys given their depiction of torture and abuse towards your kind?

2. You've probably told me this already, but whats with the two extra e's after snake?

3. Are you planning on making any more videos on your personal channel?

3+. If your connection gets better, we should ME sometime. We'll bang, okay?
1. I'm no potatonazi but we need basic potato rights to move forward in the world that we now find ourselves in.

2. They stand for my name.

3. I am but I'll probably wait until I move out before I start any new series again.
3+Report to the ship as soon as possible. We'll bang, okay?

Oh Salad Snack of mine,
where dost thou care to dine?
Oh lover of games,
with which weapon to maim?
Oh knowledgeable male,
what's thy favorite ale?
I'm not picky but mostly at home.

Hmm.. I can give you 5 weapons. The SOCOM from MGS, the M1911, PSG-1 from MGS, the Famous and the M4 assault rifle.

I've been trying a few different things lately, Stella is what I'm currently trying out.

Phew, I thought Snake had quit staff. Or died. This is a pleasant twist!

1. Do you find it difficult finding the time to do customs with people, given the time difference between Ireland and America? I remember the bitter 3am battles against ForgeHub back in the day. Not a blast.
2. Which part of Ireland are you from? North Ireland, or real Ireland?
3. You're a cool guy :laugh:
1. Of course, its a 5-7 hour difference and it has on many occasions, result in lack of sleep. But it'll probably have to stop as I'll have less time in the nearer future.

2. Oh... that's a low blow. Real Ireland is all Ireland. It rains mostly equally all the time :(.

3. Oh Teddy :teddy:.

Sorry for the delay folks for the delay, with a combination of things happening in real life peoplez stuffz, laziness and alot of sleep the Q&A kinda took a backseat. Anyways, be sure to stick around for some of the upcoming articles we'll have to share with you guys within the coming days and weeks.

Also, be sure to keep me up to date with any cool things that you guys come across or that you're doing within the Halo community.

Stay classy folks,


Snake after that raid It wasn't me I did a raid with Jason the next day and the same thing happened to him. No one touched him the shield just went down.