News Site Update - New Month, New Faces


Site Update

If you're any one of the regulars around here, you'll notice that these Site Updates are far from regular -we don't follow any sort of plan or schedule. To be honest, I only ever put one of these out when there's too much news to cover in a single, specific post. So here we are, another site update, another bubbling crock-pot of creamy newsy goodness.

Hallow's End
It was fun guys, but now the site must return to the sexy grey and blue palette you've grown to love so far. For the past two weeks, the site was bathed in a "spooky" orange light, covering everything in the foreboding shadow of the upcoming festivities. We hope you all had a good Halloween! Sorry that we couldn't manage to get pumpkins falling like snow around here. Things and stuff got in the way :laugh:

I've always found the shriveled pumpkins far scarier than normal jack-o-lanterns. This one looks carved...

To everyone who had a festively spooky name change, thanks! It was awesome seeing you all thinking up puns and word play for your names - and it really let everyone know how far we've gone to celebrate our first Halloween! Me and the other admins have now gone through all of the names we changed, and reverted them back as best as we can! However if we missed you or if your name is wrong please just let me or Dax know. There were a lot of name changes, so we might have missed some of you!

Actually, bunk that. Let's just announce it here!​

Congratulations to
for their name pun, Gore Jesus!
Enjoy your new custom title, Phantom of the Forum! If you want it changed back to any of your previous custom titles, just let an admin know. Thanks to everyone else who participated! Until next time!​
Staff Reshuffling
As you may (or, by the very nature of it, may not) have noticed, Vincent Torre, corduroyCHUCK and REMkings have been staff here for a while. Although recently, it has reached the point for them where things have simply gotten too busy. So let's all say a bittersweet farewell, and a thank you, to those three who have helped make the site what it is!​
Of course, they may return sometime in the future to reclaim their orange staffiness, along with all of the other past staff who fell off the grid. Until then, guys! Until then.​
To help fill the gap, we've brought in Master Debaytes into the warm orange glow of Staffiness. Welcome to the team, bud!​
Stafftacular Fragblasts
That's right - the name of the event or events that will be running alongside Staff vs. Commuity events in the future. Remember this?​

Well, I'm allowed to fill you all in a little more detail about that... in a few hours! In a few hours, we'll have the opportunity to fully reveal the next rendition of the Staff vs. Community events. One which, hopefully, will make the Staff events more enjoyable for everyone involved! So stay tuned in this space in the Media Stream for more info!

Destiny Community Event
Just so that I don't overshadow Fuzzle's post from earlier, check out his Media Stream post for info on how you can win free Destiny codes this week! Check it out.