News Site Update: New Forum Features!


Yesterday myself and TACTICS made a few stealth updates to the forum end of HaloCustoms, right under your very noses.

The contents of which is a culmination of discussion from the entire Staff team over the past few months. So what's new?

Firstly we've given the site's trophies a fresh lick of paint with each one now having it's own unique icon. Hopefully this will make them overall more attractive to collect. You can check them out here or take a look at the preview image of some of them below if you're feeling lazy.


Fans of trophies rejoice however as we plan to integrate more of them in the future and have plans to make ALL trophies attainable in the future with the exception of the 10k Celebration rewards. Eagle eyed members might even notice that with this update we've already added 2 new trophies.

Moving on the other news I have for you is that you can now embed media "Fer Dayz". Before the embed media tool would realistically embed Youtube videos. Meaning that if you had some cool Halo related content to show off, you had to upload it there or find similar content already hosted on there.

This is now no longer the case. Allow me to show 3 examples;

1) You can now embed content from twitter.

Congrats for spelling my username wrong btw guys

2) If you're a music fan you can now embed content from spotify and soundcloud.

3) Most importantly though you can now embed your Xbox One Game DVR Clips directly on site. :D

We do plan to "Top Ten" style media stream posts utilising your submitted gameplay clips in the future, so keep an eye out for that. :)

There's quite a few more media embed options (including imgur .gifv and reddit comment permalink support). You check out all the supported media embed options here.

We hope you enjoy using these new features across the forum moving forward.