News Site Update 6/29/14


Hello there, gentle forumgoer. I see you frantically sweeping the members section, desperately searching for an answer to the question on everyone's minds: what the heck is with all of the staff changes lately? Fear not, all of your answers are contained within the web of words I have woven below. But first, something completely different. I think it is safe to assume that you are all by now aware of the Halo news that poured out from between 343i's loose lips over the past few weeks. So, be sure to drop some logic in the Master Chief Collection Discussion Thread. If package deals containing all of your favorite games from the past thirteen years (and Halo 4) aren't your thing, be sure to drop by the Halo 5 Guardians Discussion Thread. Also, my fellow Community Cartographer Warholic has created a thread compiling a list of minor tweaks that could be made to Halo 4's forge suite when it is ported over to the Xbox One as part of the Collection of Chiefs. If that's all too forward-thinking for you, you may find Ducain23's thread asking for map submissions for the upcoming Community Race Playlist to be worth taking a gander at. Keep the discussions classy, eh?

Perhaps the most obvious change around the site over the last week has been that of [GLORIOUS LEADER] Master Debaytes. Once but a simple blueberry, and later an annoying orange, he has finally reached the final stage of his transformation as a bright red apple. We aren't sure how these transformations have taken place, or how the hell everything got so fruity, but, as they say, just roll with it. Our little Debbie will be ensuring that everything runs smoothly around the site. Getting stuff done is something that our staff team hasn't been terribly good at for the past few months, but having a more active administrator will go a long way towards fixing that.

If you've been keeping up with current events for the past week or so, you'll have noticed that the plot of a certain upcoming comedy film involves the assassination of our glorious leader. This sort of heresy will not be tolerated, and we will respond with merciless banhammertalliation. Jokes aside, we're pretty excited about this change and we hope you are too. This change will allow us to improve the quality of everyone's experience around the site and also to be prepared for the new Halo games on the horizon. Of course, an apple is nothing without some hardy oranges to back it up and that is where the next part of this ridiculous fruit analogy comes in.

Another recent output of our frightening fruit transformation machine is none other than Sgt x Slaphead. We've been weighing the benefits of different potential staffers for a while now, and we hope you'll agree with our choice. The main criteria we look for when recruiting staff is, of course, player skill as we need to continue to ensure our dominance in Staff vs Community gamenights. Aside from that, we're pretty sure Slap will do a good job of bringing new map and custom game content to the front page as well as generally being a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. When prompted for his thoughts on his new position, Slap's only response was "what a plonker".

Just as we've buffed out the staff team with some new blood, we must now bid farewell to a few long-time staffers. Elliot, Fuzzle, and the illustrious Dax will once again be joining the blue masses. It's sad to see them go, and the future could certainly see them once again pass through our fruit transformation machine, but for now this is best. Their contributions will all be missed, and you can rest assured that Dux and Dax will remain forever on the attax.

Upcoming Events
With the staff team back on track and with exciting Halo goodies on the horizon, you can expect to see plenty of cool stuff around the site over the next few months. In the short term, expect to see continued caption contests and THFE features joined by other map spotlights, a Q&A for our latest staffer, a return (again) of SvC, and perhaps some further changes to the staff team. For the long term, we've already begun plans for prepping the site for the Master Chief Collection. Nothing has been finalized on that front, but rest assured that HaloCustoms will be well-prepared for the future of Halo.

That's all for now. So long, and thanks for all the fish.