Recap: Fuzzle at GamesCom Germany

Recap: Fuzzle at GamesComGermany


GamesCom 2013 is a wrap, my adventures in Cologne are over but pictures and especially great memories remain.
I'm still hyped about everything I experienced and I can only recommend visiting good old Germany next year for one hell of a time!

As you all know I'm not as flawless with my words/spelling as I want to be but :teddy: with me here.
The Recap will be very picture-heavy, i hope HC/HTML can handle it :D

Disclaimer: I censored some stuff (especially my face) because i don't want private pictures of me on the internet, important details got fuzzled out ;)

After a nice evening in the Netherlands my buddy and I woke up at 5 am to get ready for our trip. 3-4 coffee later we were almost awake enough to drive to Cologne with our awesomeGamesCom Mobile! Its almost a tradition that the motor control lamp burns almost the whole 2,5 hour drive and we get into at least 2 traffic jams. When we finally arrived at 9:30 am we hurried out of our car to be one of the first people in the world to get our hands on the new games, here are the pictures of the Journey:

The Trip

So we arrived at GamesCom, what now?! Silly question, Bungie of course! Internet research stated Bungie is located at Hall 7 showcasing Destiny in a giant theatre. But Hall 7 was the VERY LAST hall of the giant GamesCom. To get a better image of what halls 6-11 looked like among the masses here are some pictures:

The Booths

We arrived at Hall 7 and i got my first glimpse of the Destiny booth from afar. The inner fangirl in me was bursting with enthusiasm. 3 enormous Guardians were awaiting me at the Destiny waiting line and I met some amazing people while waiting (343 employees came along to check out a Masterchief cosplaying in front of me).

After just 10 minutes I was standing in the lobby of the cinema, we were shown the Directors Cut of the new Destiny Trailer "Out here in the Wild #2" directly adressed to us.
When the trailer went out with a bang (a Warlocks' Nova Bomb to be precise) we were led to the main room containing 200 seats for the Live Demo. I chose first row to be closer to the Bungie employees including DeeJ giving up on a good viewing seat (no worries i went to the theater twice :D).

Destiny is an astonishing game, we visited Old Russia again but this time with new gear, armor and dialogue to keep things fresh from the E3 build. Nothing really new here other than the most badass Hunter shoulder armor I've ever seen, but seeing the game in action is incredible on the big screen, looked gorgeous. After the presentation i had a nice chat with DeeJ (you may know him from the Bungie Community Theatre) about our site, took a picture and got a signature on my HC Shirt and I was very proud that i was able to [REDACTED].
Here are the fuzzled pics:

Destiny Booth

After that adventure was over i was hyped and ran around with a giant grin to test and look at other games and the new consoles of course! Also you guys asked me to get a picture with Jessica Nigri a famous cosplayer... So famous apparently that she had a bigger waiting line than the game she cosplayed for (NOT WORTH IT) but i was able to snag a picture from a bajillion meters away!

The GamesCom is full of great individuals cosplaying, i took the time to take some pictures :3


In the end I had a lot of fun with my buddy, we tried so much stuff and talked to people, here's just a snapshot of the LoLs that were had that day:

Cool Stuff

That's it guys, i hope you enjoyed my little and lazy Recap!
You can imagine the GamesCom feeling now and the giant scale you just cant comprehend in one day! I hope to see some of you there next year :3

-Fuzzle out


I live in Europe, but miles away from Germany :( I'm glad you enjoyed it! It sounds like an incredible event!
You are a handsome fella!;)

Looks like you had an awesome time.

yes! i really did, my friend was annoyed i took so many photos though :D

The banner is all you get, now silence!


Awesome write up dude, looks like one hell of a time!
i finally got to know someone from the dev team of my favourite game, im still grinning my heart out

Maybe I should consider moving to Europe.

I live in Europe, but miles away from Germany :( I'm glad you enjoyed it! It sounds like an incredible event!
maybe soon, youll get there somehow :)

Leuke foto's! (Dutch :p)
Ja dankjewel, er zijn heel veel foto's die niet zo leuk zijn. Ze zitten nog op mijn computer :D

No videos? A video is worth a thousand pictures

Who is she anyway?

Wha? whole life
Lets go to PAX then :)
I do lift yes xD Hey guys, lucky you! I have exclusive codes to redeem for Destiny content once the game comes out, here are all the codes! Feel free to share it with you friends so we all get bonus content :-3