Map Noteworthy Maps #1 FlyOver

FlyOver - Created by Juanez Sanchez

Here at HaloCustoms we have noticed that you, the community, have been building some awesome maps. We are fortunate enough to have a sturdy forging community that will often surprise us with excellent new content. Your contributions to the map database bring fresh experiences to the Halo community and help inspire others to become better map designers. These maps are something to be proud of and at HaloCustoms we recognize these great maps and what they do for the community. That is why from now on we will be giving your maps the opportunity to get their moment in the spotlight that they deserve.

So, our first worthy map in the spotlight is nothing less than FlyOver, an inversely symmetrical Squad/BTB, Slayer and Extraction map. Here you will have some very intense tactical 5v5 games if you play Extraction.

The maps setup and layout is relatively simple with two bases, two buildings either side and a neutral bridge. This makes FlyOver a map that can be quickly picked up for the first time and easily understood. It is the simple but effective layout that makes this map stand out. Juanez Sanchez claims that this was his first serious BTB map although we are not sure if we believe him!

Finding the fight never takes long as there are plenty of engagements to be found in the middle. The structures, incline of the bridge and trees break up the map effectively and the map offers a good blend of long sight lines across the map while there will be close-quarters game play within the buildings. The buildings give infantry the option to shake off vehicles however there are sight lines cutting through these buildings that a good Warthog gunner will make use of. FlyOver supports Warthogs and Ghosts nicely making vehicle combat is very fun indeed.

This map really shines when being played with Extraction. There are five extraction points, one being in each building and one on the bridge, creating a very tactical arena BTB experience. The middle is challenging to lock down, as are the buildings, as each building has a wide variety of ways to attack and defend, keeping players on their toes. Teams were required to coordinate well in order to win making matches here very exciting. In a balanced match, no victory will come easy.

If you enjoy fast paced, tactical Squad/BTB games then FlyOver is strongly recommended. Juanez Sanchez has spent a long time refining this map and in the end, has created an excellent competitive map that deserves a ton of credit. You can check out FlyOver in the HaloCustoms map database here. You can expect to see more great community map highlights soon but for now here are some more pictures of FlyOver:

We hope you enjoyed the first article of Noteworthy Maps!
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This idea is awesome. Good article, Slap. This map deserves more recognition and I'm glad it's finally getting some. I look forward too seeing more of these in the future.

P.S. Some of the pictures are broken.
Not sure why the pictures were broken! Should be fixed now. Anyway it is nice to help get the work of the community in to the spotlight once in a while. There are some pretty amazing maps in that database.
Slappy, you dun goofed with the pictures.
They were fine when I posted it. Then when I came back some of them were not working. I was about to fix it but then I had to go visit my mum in the hospital but that is fine now thank god. All I can say is crap. Glad it is sorted now though. Sorry guys.
Photobucket is generally good if you make the img tags yourself and don't use theirs. Get the direct link and surround it with [.IMG] _tags. Much quicker and it cuts out the silly hyperlinking bullshit.
Photobucket is generally good if you make the img tags yourself and don't use theirs. Get the direct link and surround it with [.IMG] _tags. Much quicker and it cuts out the silly hyperlinking bullshit.
It is ok. I think I have fixed my life now, thanks.
Hopefully not competitive only?
I may be more focused on the competitive side of things myself but we do plan to feature all types of maps so don't worry about that. The point is to feature good maps that deserve recognition that have not necessarily been featured elsewhere. This can come from any category but I felt that FlyOver was good for #1.
Congratulations, Juanez! Slaps picked a great map to be the first feature in this series. I've always had a great time playing on this map. I particularly like how the snipers work here; the sightlines work in a way to make them effective, but in no way overpowered. Also, the warthogs are tons of fun to drive around.

I seriously recommend that people try this out, especially if they're fans of the "competitive bigish team" type games. My favorite gametype to play here is 5v5 or 6v6 extraction.

Again, amazing work, Juan, and perfect feature, Slaphead! :y: