Map Preview New Project - Alpha Stage


Jan 17, 2016
A few weeks ago there was a discussion about verticality and how forgers view it. I have never forged a map with the main focus being towards verticality and never saw the appeal towards it. I always found the vertical game play to be enjoyable but not my main cup of tea. This led to my instant write off of vertical maps/game play in the discussion. While drawing up several designs and forging different ideas I came to the conclusion that all my creations have height variations in them, but it is not the main focus of any map. Therefore, I decided I need to move out of my comfort zone. So I decided to create a layout that is primarily focused on vertical game play. While I was at it, I decided I may as well move completely out of my comfort zone and try to expand my forging capabilities. A list was made and in this list consisted of everything I tend to stay away from while designing and forging.

The list:

  • Create a map focused around verticality. (Check)
  • Create an asymmetrical map. (No Check, as hard as I try, I always end up back at symmetrical).
  • Focus the design around an atrium. (Check) - Remember when atrium's were all the rage back in Reach? I never jumped that boat and to this day never incorporated an atrium in a map.
  • Utilize weapons to enhance game play. (Check, I think) - I've always been the guy to put a sniper on a map just because I love using a sniper. This time around I wanted to use power weapons to mix up routing.
  • After sketching, block out my map rather than going straight to forging. (Check) - I want to shout out Mr. Pokephile, I first saw how to do this effectively in one of his videos. I have also came across pictures of @Blaze doing this. I have to admit, I enjoy this stage. It really lets you understand how routing and sight lines will look and give you the opportunity to make quick changes. I have forged my new project three times all without moving on from the block out stage.
  • Utilize H5's spartan mechanics. (Check) I want game play to utilize mechanics such as clamber and ground & pound.
  • Use a teleporter system. (Check) I have never liked teleporters. I always viewed them as lazy routing. However, like any other mechanic in Halo, if used correctly it won't hurt game play, but could enhance it. I'm really trying to get out of my comfort zone here.

Here is the final sketch. Initially it was asymmetrical but after doing the block out stage several times over, I realized I wanted to go symmetrical with the layout. The map is fully intended for 2v2 where height advantage is key. I know from the sketch it's hard to tell where the different levels are, but it makes sense to me.

Here a video of the block out stage. Please note that the block out stage is not complete. What is being showed is the design. If the alpha stage of creating a map had an alpha stage, this would be it. There isn't a bottom floor (that will be deadly) and no outer walls for the most part. As I stated earlier, I want clamber to play a huge role in height variations. With that said, some jumps are quite difficult (as you'll see in the video). Or it could be that I suck at clambering. I went with a plasma caster because I envision it being used to prevent players from using certain routes. Being able to place shots in doorways was the main idea here. As much as it hurts to see teleporters, I feel like it will enhance game play on a layout such as this and I am excited to see how it plays. The main aesthetic will be flood oriented.

I will continue to update this thread as progress continues. Next step is to finish the blockout.

Anything is subject to change and all feedback is appreciated. No truly, please shit on my layout. No sarcasm, rip my layout apart. I want to know if it has too much clambering, sight lines feel too open or clustered, or if it is just too simple or complicated.
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