News MYM Results - 3rd Place

After long hours testing and judging, the results are in! The 3rd place winner of the MYM Squad CTF contest is...

by SixteenthMatt

Entrenched uses natural terrain in unique ways to create a space that is both very drivable and packed with vertical overlap. The higher attacker base compared to the lower defense base creates an interesting dynamic where flag pulls are often contested over long periods of time on the way back to the base. The long, open platform at offense base serves to prevent easy captures, requiring that defense team has control of the major power positions to be able to score.

Congratulations to SixteenthMatt, and well
down for producing such an excellent One-Flag map! For third place you will receive a 1 year subscription to Xbox Live. Tomorrow we will announce the winner of the 2nd place map.
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