News MYM Results - 2nd Place

Moving on the 2nd place winner, we have....​

by MartianMallCop

Blockus was one of the most unique One-Flag CTF maps that I have seen. The infantry-trenches that allow players on foot to seamlessly dip out of/ rise into a vehicle path are genius in allowing fluid infantry/ vehicle intermingling. The ability to toss the flag up a hole in an otherwise 1-way drop down creates risky and exciting flag runs. The arch stretching over mid is an amazing vertical element that entirely changes the way defense base is assaulted. Finally, the simple yet well designed vehicle circuit allows for both defensive warthog usage as well as more aggressive assaults on the enemy base. Blockus was one of the most improved maps in the contest, with the amount of major changes blowing us away each lobby. A lot of work went into this one, and it most certainly payed off!

A round of applause for MartianMallCop for a seriously unique CTF experience. I still don't know what a Blockus is, but it's a fantastic map nonetheless! ;) Your 2nd prize Elgato HD60 Capture Card can be redeemed from the judges.
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These first two maps have been incredible. When will the first place be announced?
Well, third place was announced at 12pm EST on Wednesday, second place was announced at 12pm EST on Thursday, so... first place will probably be announced at 8:04am GMT on Sunday three weeks from now! ;)