Event MYM Results - 1st Place

With second and third place decided, there is only one map left to announce. The winner of the 2015 Meet Your Maker Squad CTF Forge Contest is...

by moo43

There was a lot of debate between the judges on what would make a map worthy of first prize. Uniqueness? Best use of vehicles? Best pure CTF experience? In the end it came down to this question: Which map delivers the Squad experience at the highest level? That is to say, what map would produce the best vehicle/ infantry interaction while also delivering on great CTF gameplay?

In the end, Unearthed was what truly shone for these qualifications. The hillside layout of Unearthed creates an incredible amount of verticality for a map featuring vehicles, and yet it creates one of the best Warthog/ infantry dynamics that I have ever experienced. While the actual vehicle route is simple, a U shape with a middle cut through and jumps, it allows the warthogs very powerful lines of sight. Making a push is very dangerous, but can also be rewarding if coordinated with the rest of ones team. Vehicle usage on Unearthed tends therefore to be more methodical and cautious, only becoming aggressive when there is a major opening. This has resulted in very intense standoffs where both teams are constantly pushing back and forth for control of key weapons and positions.

The flag gameplay is also superb. There are three main lanes for pushing the bases: a dangerous but powerful high route, the fast but open middle route, and the stealthier low route which features and over shield. With the flag sitting up at the top of the base it takes a lot of work to both grab the flag and to capture it at your own base. The middle structure provides a lot of nerdy spots to put shots on the enemy base from, provided your team can keep control of top/ rockets. Finally, Unearthed features some of the best terrain usage I have seen in H2A. The map feels like it is growing out of the hillside, and gives the impression that it was done in a full terrain editor and not just with forge blocks. The combination of these features makes Unearthed the pinnacle of Squad CTF gameplay.

We would like to offer sincere congratulations to Moo43 for creating this masterpiece of Squad CTF gameplay. Unearthed is an incredibly powerful design that we hope to be still playing well into the future! You can retrieve your 1st prize Astro A50 Wireless Headset by contacting the judges.

We would also like to extend our thanks to everyone who participated in this contest in one form or another. We wouldn't be able to host these events without community support like we have seen. The goal of this contest was the get people excited about squad maps and gameplay, and I think it's safe to say that we succeeded in that. We hope to continue seeing new maps in this style coming from the community, and we encourage that even if your map didn't make it into the top 3 you continue working on it. We saw a lot of great stuff during the judging/ testing process and will continue to provide feedback on these maps as long as people want it.

And so concludes the third Meet Your Maker contest. Once again, thank you all for participating, and we'll see you online!
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