Srs Bzns Monday Map Testing

Members of HaloCustoms enjoy attending many different types of lobbies. Some enjoy cracking heads in Warzone. Others prefer wacky mini games. Map testing and feedback lobbies are some of the most important but perhaps underrepresented types here at HaloCustoms. I've been running such lobbies at my own convenience, but I've been asked on several occasions about scheduling them at a recurring interval and I'm happy to say that I will now be doing just that!

Monday Map Testing is a way for forgers to test their maps and get detailed and actionable feedback on them. This lobby will also house testing for ForgeHub map features as well as for Community Forge matchmaking playlists. You can read up on all of the details including how to sign up below. You can also see a sample of the sort of feedback that's been given in past lobbies for this testing group.

This will be the first recurring official HaloCustoms lobby but if map testing isn't your thing, fear not. We hope to bring some other weekly lobbies to you in the future alongside our occasional Staff vs Community and HC vs the World events. If hosting such a lobby sounds like something you'd be cut out for, contact one of our admins (we're the red guys).