News Meet Your Maker Maps Preview

Over the last few weeks, many of the community's best designers have been hard at work crafting their entries for the third installment in the Meet Your Maker contest series. For many, the idea of squad play was recently a foreign concept. That hasn't stopped some excellent maps from being created, though. A slue of unique maps have found their way into the official testing lobbies so far, ensuring that the judging will be more exciting and difficult than the judges could have predicted. Below you can see just a few of these great maps.

If you're working on your own map, you have until August 15th to get it to a polished state. Good luck! For contest details, check the Meet Your Maker forum here. What are some of your personal favorite contest maps you've seen so far?


what will the next contest be? cause i really wanna do the next one :D and put in my grandest work :D since im active again ill start practising forge :D
Phenomenal selection of maps, had the joy of playing on some of these gems. Cannot wait to see who wins, such good competition.