Q&A Master of Questions (And Answers)

So I realize I took a very long time to actually get all of your questions answered here guys. But, well, yeah. I've been a busy man (and by busy, I mean enjoying my winter break to the fullest). Rather than making further excuses to my delay, here it is, my Q&A for your multitude of questions.

1. I was pwacticing the counting but then three was lost. Am I a potato now?
2. Is red blue and blue red?
3. What do the trip mines do? ;)
  1. No, you are a proxy of SGC. We are all just proxies of SGC! But are you a proxy of a potato…? Well, maybe.
  2. Only on Wednesdays
  3. F%$# you man.
  1. As one of the few people (that I know of at least) who have been part of the forging/custom games community since Halo 3, what are some of your favorite memories from that time?
  2. What ungodly force made you disappear for Reach but then return for Halo 4?
  1. Ah, there are so many memories from that time. The release of Foundry. First time playing in a Forgehub TGIF lobby. Finally finishing the first Judgment map with Oakley (The Last Day). Joining XForgery and becoming a Review Staff member. Getting a map on Bungie Favorites. Winning Best of Forge on Forgehub for the last year of Halo 3. There’re just way too many memories. I really miss those days more than anything.
  2. Well, I could not stand Reach because I was initially an infection forger, and after Reach seriously destroyed the gametype for the first time since Halo 3’s release, I became less motivated to make maps. I tried to work on mini games since then (and made the switch from infection forger to mini game forger in the process), but I was still discouraged. I enjoyed the challenge of forging in Halo 3 and the increased effort it took because when I finished a map, I was much more satisfied with the final product after putting that much more work into it. Since Reach’s release, I’ve always found the forging itself in Halo to be “too easy” and it causes me to drop a lot of potential projects that I would have been motivated to finish if I was forging in Halo 3. I also am guilty of moving on and playing other games back in those days (mainly Gears of War 3, which I became VERY good at back then).
1. How did you come up with the name: Master Debaytes?
2. Best friend on HaloCustoms?
3. Do you ever have super deep, meaningful conversations with people on this site, if so, with who and what about?
  1. When I originally came up with my gamertag for Xbox Live, it was Master Baytes. My friends came up with and entered that as my gamertag when I was setting up my Xbox Live account for the first time at my house. I went to the bathroom and my friends did it as a joke. But when I came back, I thought it was funny and stuck with it. Since then, I have been forced to change my name numerous times because it’s been reported as inappropriate. Each name change has just been a slight alteration of the original gamertag.
  2. I really don’t have a “best friend” on HaloCustoms. I just have a wide group of friends who I’ve met in my experiences here with the site. They know who they are too. :)
  3. I mean, occasionally I will have somewhat personal conversations with people over Skype, but that’s about it. I’ve been known to help some people out if they’re having major issues or problems, so people come and talk to me every now and then asking for help or advice. For personal reasons other than my own, I can’t answer the second part of your question.
1. Anymore minigames in the works?
2. If e=mc^2, and life=42, what is the chance that I will have pancakes for breakfast?
3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  1. I’m a god? I’M A GOD!!! But seriously, I don’t know… 5-layer grilled cheese? (I can make that, by the way, and it’s damn delicious)
  2. 7
  3. Actually, with the success of Artifact Temple throughout the community, I have been wanting to remake other Metroid bosses in Halo 4. I had a great idea for one of them, but I’ve been looking for an aesthetic forger to help me out with the project. Now that I know that Destiny isn’t coming out until next September, however, I may start forging another mini game or two. If I host any lobbies, I’ll probably test my stuff out anyway. :y:
1.when will you guys update the site
2. Why is debaytes not a red yet ;)
3. When is a halocustoms staff hosting the next lobby
  1. I don’t know. That’s the admins’ territory. I’m more of a moderating kind of guy around here.
  2. I honestly don’t deserve the promotion based on my current work as a staff member. Plain and simple, I’m the new guy. If anyone deserves the jump from orange to red, it’s someone who’s been on the staff since the beginning and has contributed a lot to the site this whole time (my vote would be for Psychoduck personally, but that’s just me).
  3. Do you mean just a lobby or next Staff vs Community? The staff will host lobbies somewhat regularly when we find the time for it, but as for SvC, I really couldn’t tell you.
1. Best nickname somebody has come up for you. (I personally like Debbie Debauchery)

2. Can you give me all your shinies you have in Pokemon? kthx

3. When will we be seeing :debbie: in the smily list?
  1. Back when I played Gears of War 3, a couple of my friends would call me Deadeye Dom, because I always used Dom in multiplayer, and I was really good with the sniper back then. I thought the name was badass when I first heard it. :D
  2. Umm… I think that question calls for a big fat NOPE.
  3. When Shira finally makes it. No seriously, she said she would make it eventually… eventually…
1. if the first shall be last and the last shall be first does this mean you have at one point been in last?
2. If master chief was your daddy, who would your mother be?
3.If you had a beta Key for Project Spark, would you give it to me?
  1. One time in high school I failed a vocab test because a teacher thought I was cheating when I wasn’t. Does that count?
  2. Hmmm… that’s a tough one. I would say Sam from Gears 3. You know, the BA cog chick with the Australian accent? Yeah, her.
  3. I guess. I don’t really have an interest in that sort of thing.
1. You walk into a room and the bag finally lifted from your head. You take a deep breathe and prepare for whats coming next. Finally a lone voice asks you a simple question "Which do you prefer, potato's or potatoes?".

2. Don't press that big red button. Nothing ever came god out of pressing the big red button.

3. Who's a better Batman. The amazing SOLIDSNAKEee Batman or the not so great Great Mist Batman?
  1. I like fries, Snake. FRIES!
  2. Not with that attitude!
  3. Bruce Wayne is only Batman and best Batman. You two should probably accept that fact that you’re nothing but a snake with potato fetishes and a giant collection of water vapor somehow related to the number 40 (respectively of course).
1. Who is the Staff member you can best relate to (no favorites of course)?
2. Please calculate this indefinite integral, given a,b,c,d are constants and pi = 3.14...
y = int[(a(b(cos((pi*x)/(0.5*c)))))+d] dx​
(I would enlist the help of Dax if you're stuck)​
3. What are the uber-awesome maps that you have in progress?
  1. You know, I really don’t relate to one in particular over the others… I’m just sort of this very different entity within the staff that fills all personality gaps previously unfilled beforehand.
  2. Easy. You’re talking to a mechanical engineering major here. The answer is simple: x (a(b(1))+d)-(6.57974 x^3 (b'(1) a'(b(1))))/c^2+(x^5 (38.9636 b'(1)^2 a''(b(1))+a'(b(1)) (38.9636 b''(1)+12.9879 b'(1))))/c^4+(x^7 (a'(b(1)) (-183.122 b^(3)(1)-183.122 b''(1)-12.2081 b'(1))+b'(1) (a''(b(1)) (-549.365 b''(1)-183.122 b'(1))-183.122 a^(3)(b(1)) b'(1)^2)))/c^6+O(x^8)+constant.The constant can be solved for given initial conditions, which you did not give.
  3. I have ideas in my head more than physical maps that are in progress. Well, actual, I just have a bunch of maps stuck on my hard drive that I just never finished. :p I might finish some of them/work on new maps eventually…? I don’t know really.
1. Can you karate chop a dozen bricks blindfolded with a time limit of ten seconds?
2. Can you find me a destiny beta code? (Please? Ill friend you on Xbox! :))
3. Do you want to make a halo game yourself??
  1. No, I’d break my hand trying.
  2. No, they stopped giving those out completely by now. Try reddit maybe?
  3. No, because I do not have the skills nor experience to produce an entire video game all on my own.
How did you originally start forging?
Do you have any small tips/tricks?
If you had to pick which side of the American penny is your favorite, heads or tails?
  1. My forging career started on Halo 3 when I built my first map ever on Sandtrap, because my friend did the same and I thought I could do it better (which I think I did because when I host my Halo 3 lobbies I still play that map). It was the first game introduced to me where I could build my own playable content and I just went crazy with it at the time.
  2. Actually yes. From all of my years of forging, there are two things that you must always have in order for you to forge a great map. One, you need to plan out what you are doing beforehand so that you have a good idea of what you are making throughout the whole process. Two, you need the proper motivation to actually finish forging the map and not leaving it incomplete on your hard drive for a long time (guilty of this myself). As simple as it sounds, these two things are VERY important.
  3. I guess heads, since I’ll almost always call heads on a coin toss anyway.
2- What was your favorite Halo 3 map?(this includes forged maps)
3- Hornet or Falcon?
4- Where is my super suit?
5- Do you wana be the very best like no one ever was?
6- If any character from Red VS Blue was real who would you want to be friends with and why?
  1. Pls no
  2. Well favorite map is a very generic way of putting things. My favorite forging canvas is definitely Foundry. My favorite default map is probably Guardian. My favorite forged map… I would say Concrete Jungle (an Assment map on Ghost Town that I co-forged with rifte gilfe).
  3. Hornet. Duh. It shoots missiles!
  4. None for you.
  5. Yes. To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause.
  6. Caboose. Because why would you pick anyone else? Honestly?
1. Debbie, is it true that you love Little Debbie cakes, or do you prefer Drake's or Hostess?
2. Debbie, do you prefer dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
3. Debbie, how far back do you remember playing Halo with me, and what gametypes/maps do you remember most fondly from back in the day?
  1. I don't eat any of those. I'm not big on deserts.
  2. White Chocolate
  3. We played a little bit of Halo 3 together as early as the Forgehub days before I moved over to XForgery. From back then, I always loved playing Infection, and my favorite map was always Peasant Hunt on Lost Chamber back then.
1. Debbie, does it really look like a camera?

2. Tell me again Debbie, HOW many apples?

3. Why are you so good at / know so much about everything?
  1. No
  2. Not even one
  3. It's a gift. Natural born talent takes you a long way.
1. Bacon or fried chicken? P.S, there's a correct answer.
2. If Jack has 2 apples and Jill gave him 4 more apples, what is the angle of the sun shining on Guatemala?
3. Do you still need a competitive map reviewer for the Review Crew?
  1. Bacon-wrapped fried chicken of course! But really, there’s no right answer to this question. It’s a matter of personal preference! I like Bacon as an accessory food, to make sandwiches and the like taste better and in that respect I definitely eat it more than fried chicken. Eaten on its own, I prefer fried chicken.
  2. That actually depends on the time of year. But if you want to measure the angle from the equator, then throughout the year it’s approximately 76 degrees.
  3. Z3R0 has come back after not failing his classes so we have our competitive reviewer again. I don’t know if we’ll need a second competitive guy because there just aren’t enough review requests coming in where we need any more reviewers. I'll let you guys all know though. ;)
1. How did you get into forging?
2. Have a gf (or bf)?
3. Do you like calvin and hobbes?
  1. I answered this with Sarb's question above. :)
  2. No I’m still a single guy (and no man, I’m not into the shit in the parentheses [sorry to disappoint some of you])
  3. Never read it so I couldn’t tell you. The fact that I never was into those kinds of comics when I was younger is probably a sign that I don’t though.
1. Marry Fuck Kill: DirtyyJuicebox, Calah Rose, Dax. GO
2. What is your favourite species of snake.
3. Would you rather eat 5 gallons of ice cream in one hour (or you die) or watch Nyan cat on loop for 200 hours and that is all you can do (you get the 200 hours refunded, but still have the memories and what goes along with it).
4. (because fuk da rulz mayn) Peanuts or Pecans.
  1. California Kingsnake. I used to own one when I was little. Awesome snake to have as a pet. :D
  2. Definitely watch Nyan Cat. I don’t like ice cream enough and I wouldn’t be able to do that even if I liked it.
  3. Neither. I'm not into nuts.
1. How often do you master debaytes?
2. How does one go about mastering de baytes?
3. If you were running for president, would you be the master debaytor?
  1. I have a master schedule. :masterdebaytes:
  2. Well that's debatable. :masterdebaytes:
  3. I've always been told I was a cunning linguist. :masterdebaytes:

1. red team or blue team
2. who did you vote for (if you voted)
3 what is your belief/religion
  1. Blue Team
  2. I didn't vote :/
  3. I'm actually Jewish (For those of you who didn't know that already--> :eek:)
Human, Awoken or Exo?
Warlock, Hunter or Titan?
Male or Female?
  1. Awoken
  2. Warlock
  3. Male
  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your quest?
  3. What is the average speed of a swallow?
  1. Jacob ( :eek: )
  2. To finish answering these questions.
  3. That depends, are you talking about the bird or a chick with my little Debaytes in her mouth? :masterdebaytes:
1. What is your favorite emotion?
2. Do you want the object inside my present?
3. If you could be anything what would you be?
  1. Actual emotion? Joy. Emoticon? --> :masterdebaytes:
  2. No. Your dick is probably in there.


Cool beans. Couldn't really deba... eh, relate to the emoticons thing though. :remkings:

5-layer grilled cheese? (I can make that, by the way, and it’s damn delicious)
Dude, teach me your ways!

Actually, with the success of Artifact Temple throughout the community, I have been wanting to remake other Metroid bosses in Halo 4. I had a great idea for one of them, but I’ve been looking for an aesthetic forger to help me out with the project.
I wouldn't mind helping out. There's no aesthetic I can't (try and) nail! So, if you're up for it, then...

PS: Boys n' gals, I want you to know as well.
Kings > Masters.
Don't forget. :remkings:
You didn't really answer my first question.


I'd like not to upset any of those 3/make myself look homosexual in the process. :essias2: Surely you can understand that reasoning.

All of my questions had 1 generic answer. "No"
Well, you did ask yes or no questions. :p I answered them all honestly.

How can you like White chocolate?
Because it's actually vanilla, and I love vanilla. Never was a fan of chocolate, except in my oreos and chocolate chip cookies.