Data Lost [Jun 28, 2017] HC Wednesday Night Throwdown Live Halo 2 PC Edition - Halo 2 (PC)

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To sign up, RSVP, and you'll get an invite when i'm about to start, do not worry about your computer being able to run it, just about anything can run Halo 2 on PC.

I will be streaming the lobby on Mixer, if you also want to stream the lobby just ask and i'll pair the streams together for a more entertaining stream.


Yes, if you have a map that fits the player count that you want to play, feel free to suggest it in the lobby, and it might even be played :)

A Mic is not required

I know everyone doesn't have or broke their mics, It is not required but you are encouraged to bring one for the event.

How to install Project Cartographer -

To install custom maps go to "Documents > My Games > Halo 2 > Maps" then just drag and drop the map file there and you're done!
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