Ideas for the Custom Games Lobby Maker

Aug 7, 2015
Atlanta, Ga
I have really enjoy using Halo Customs for setting up lobbies, but its frustrating that after like a day or two the lobby gets deleted. I feel like there should be a way to allow people to date when and tell what time their Custom Game will take place. I know in the past it was implemented, but I don't get why it was removed.

My Idea
I think there should be a time frame of 7 days so you can pick a date from years to come. Also set up a 24 hour clock to set the time when you will start.

If you guys have any ideas, feel free to share them, but I hope Halo Customs can reconsider the design of setting up the lobby.
Jan 26, 2013
To answer your original question, the old system was removed as it suffered from a few issues that we felt had a negative effect on what we wanted to be a positive experience for all of our users. The current system that is in place right now is a beta and it was designed to improve on the previous system. However, we underestimated how many users utilized scheduled lobbies and we realized our mistake too late. We're currently working on improving the system by re-implementing some form of scheduling system but we cannot discuss any details at this time.

By the way, I like your idea. ^.^
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