[HOTFIXED] Infection Oversight - Vehicle Use (343 Response)


Feb 2, 2013
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HOT FIXED 5/13/16 !!!!!!!!!!!!


Infected players can hijack and use vehicles, and that option cannot be disabled. In previous Halo games the Infected could not hijack or use vehicles by default, but previous Halo games also had a Vehicle Use setting in the Traits options so we had control over it. Obviously this isn't a big deal for matchmaking since there aren't any vehicles, but it's a major problem for custom games and infection minigames. We need the Vehicle Use setting (that we had in Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, and H2A) to return as an option for Player Traits to resolve this issue. Hopefully this happens sooner than later because a lot of infection minigames rely on the premise that infected can't use vehicles.
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Feb 16, 2013
Between this debacle , the fact that most vehicles basically have paper armor and explode sometimes seemingly out of nowhere, the fact that wheelman no longer count as assists, terrible driving mongoose physics, the fact that the Mantis is a joke now since it can be hijacked at any angle, the fact that both turrets on the Wraith and the Scorpion are absolutely inaccurate and useless, the Mantis stomp is now weak af , and the rediculous fact that you can no longer shoot off an enemy that's highjacking your wraith.. I think its clear that 343 has gone way too far with the nerfing of almost every halo vehicle to limits that we have never seen before in the halo franchise.. Don't get me wrong they have done some smart things like thankfully removed loadouts so not everyone can start with plasma pistols and plasma nades but that was their mistake in the first place, I also like how you can switch seats now without getting out a very smart and welcome gameplay addition. But obviously the bad more than outweighs the good and its time that 343 realizes just how heavyhanded they nerfed the vehicles in Halo and hopefully atleast by Halo 6 if not sooner they will strike a better balance with the vehicles, and for the love of the Halo Gods can we please see another flying UNSC vehicle so we can have epic pilot/gunner moments again and make epic flag runs or bomb plants them again?!
Im sorry if I went way off topic but if there is a thread about how severe 343 nerfed Halo 5 vehicles than hopefully someone can politely guide me to it?