Holiday Contest Winners

And the winners are...

So after some careful consideration, 3 festively coloured fruits, one a Flying red Stocking of some sort, another that was a greenish type of orange who's name makes it sound like they enjoy math and of course a potato that enjoys nomming on some snacks, made their choice on who this years winners would be. We didn't have many submissions this year but this didn't stop the talent from shining through and after some careful consideration we decided on who's submissions stood out from the rest but before I reveal our winners, first some words from the judges.

Flying Shoe ILR - "Stevo's reminiscing about the creation of one of my favorite Mini-Games from Halo Reach was hilarious. Bird Jokes, drunken forging, splatters, and launching vehicles into a small hole on the other side of the map: what is more Halo than this? Probably a number of things, but it all brings back great memories."

adderrson - "We all discussed this for a quite a while, I was trying to watch the Dr. Who Christmas special at the time *shakes fist menacingly*. Due to fewer entries than expected rather than shortlist, all entries were discussed in detail. Although I agree with both Snake and Shoe, I feel that General Sarbina also deserves an honourable mention for having the best 'fantasy' tale of the bunch. Overall though I too feel that Stevo deserves this one but only if he divulges more into the time he dressed as a woman (pics or it didn't happen)."

SOLIDSNAKEee - "The pain to achieve the vidmasters was another challenge altogether, PDP helped to make some light of some of the more funny or crazy moments where crazy adrenaline filled shenanigans often arose, and because of this (as well as some painful memories of connection problems) as well as sharing an awesome story, we agreed that PDP would make our final 3."​

Now for our wieners!.. I mean winners!

In 3rd place but by no means last, we have PDP. Congratulation good sir, though your effort for Endure may have been in vain that day your story has humbled us into rewarding your efforts with a 48 hour code. :y:

In 2nd place and probably one of our more odd submissions, we have General Sarbina. You may be this years runner up but take note we spent a long while deciding on our final 3 and this was no easy choice. Your submission was unique and oddly beautiful at the same time so take this 1 week's worth of XBL, you've earned it. ;)

In 1th place, we have this years Grinchmind, Santo ! After some careful silent judgement, we decided that your drunken adventurers of Forge World would not go unnoticed. Both Addy and Shoebert (and eventually myself) decided that your story was crazy, funny and unique. Hopefully your new title and your new Steam game can make all the cool kids jelly.​

Thanks everyone for some amazing submissions but as Christmas day draws to a close, so does this competition. However seeing as everyone still wants to continue sharing stories I shall leave this page unlocked. Until next year everyone! :awesome:
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I really enjoyed some of these submissions. In addition to the winners, I found Yeti's poem interesting. I also thoroughly enjoyed Shoe's recollection of one of our trolliest forge moments. Stevo's recounting of the origins of Toadz was simply glorious, however. You know this community is awesome when everyone has such great stories to tell about their time spent in it.

So, now that it's over, what did everyone get for Christmas (yes, I know it's politically correct and exclusionary, go away)?
Thanks guys :D

As requested;
I am Velma from Scooby Doo.

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