News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 28th May '17

Welcome To another HaloCustoms Weekly Update. Bip, bap, bam!

The Galaxy's biggest badass is back, in minature form! That's right, Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson is getting in on the RTS fun in Halo Wars 2, joining the ranks in firefight as a playable leader in the multiplayer game modes. This certified bad ass is bringing a whole load of firepower with him too, ready to stomp some Covenant ass back into the 25th century.

You like big guns and stomping your enemies underfoot in towering mechs? So does Johnson. Playing as him in Halo Wars 2 allows you to field some mean machines, not least of them the Mantis. Until now only seen in the FPS games of the Halo universe, this one mech stomping machine is only available to Johnson, replacing the Warthog in a very similar combat roll. Armed with a chaingun and missile pods, the Mantis is best suited against infantry and ground vehicles. A Veteran variant is also available wth energy shields and bigger and more powerful guns.

Not content with the Mantis, Johnson is also bringing the hulking Colossus into battle with him, replacing the Scorpion. This bipedal monstrosity is slow but deadly and fitted with a devastating arsenal of weapons including a long range heavy railgun. This weapon was originally designed to be installed on fortified structures but has since been fitted to the Colossus to deal with heavily armoured ground targets.

How do you make the biggest badass in the UNSC even more badass? You give him his own mechanised suit, armed to the teeth with the biggest guns and the coolest tech. In Halo Wars 2, Johnson comes equiped with the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL MARK I[J] Armor Defense System. In terms we all understand, a bipedal exoskeleton armed with custom miniguns, phased-plasma fusils (sounds badass), sonic blindwolf repellers, repair beacon pods and fast-regenerating energy shields. You're gonna need more than a few Wraiths to take down this guy. Perhaps an army or six?

Johnson of course comes with some abilities, like the Bunker Drop, Mech Overcharge, EMP Mac Blash and Siege Turret to compliment the already deadly array of mechs to stomp your foes into a squishy bloody mess. Sgt Johnson is available to play now on Halo Wars 2. Look alive marines!

Last week we featured Project Contingency, a fan-made halo game built in the Unreal Engine. This week, another Halo fan game released a new cinematic trailer for their own game: Installation 01. Built using the unity 5 engine, the developers say the game is a combination of what they believe are the best parts of the classic Bungie-era Halo games. Focusing on the Halo 2 / 3 experience, they will also be adding in some elements of Halo: CE and Halo: Reach, with options to add features from 343 Industries games in Custom Gametypes.

Check out their latest cinematic trailer below: (Look out for the thicc Elites)

Finally this week, the HCS NA Pro League has kicked off already, with the first two days on the 24th and 25th. Optic Gaming are currently out in the lead with Splyce very close behind after the first two days. The next matchups are on Friday, June 2nd. The EU Pro league also starts on the 1st of June, featuring 6 of the best teams from the EU. Check out for all the stats and standings for both the NA and EU matches, and be sure to tune in on and the newly rebranded Mixer (formally Beam) to catch all the action!

Finally, who needs bug spray when you have a railgun?

Until next time, see you then!

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